Google Online Money Making Scams: Avoid these Programs

It’s really a big question to see lots of Google online money making scams and programs still listed in the ClickBank marketplace.

We all know that ClickBank is a good place to make money as an affiliate, or a seller, not good as the others for many reasons, but they are online for years. In this post, I’ll show you some of the ClickBank scam programs that you should never try.

Before starting, you should know that Google is not a game that scammers can play with and get quick rich from it as 1,2,3. Google is one of the few companies in the world that run research with the smartest people on this planet. Safety and security are some of their top goals to continue their business.

The only ways to make money with Google is the Google Adsense program, and other great ways trusted by people like the YouTube monetization. But, you should never listen to scammers who talk about building thousands of web pages and make you thousands of dollars with Google.

What really helped these scammers continue their bad job is that ClickBank still hosts their sales pages and list their fraud programs, I’m really surprised that even the same scammer runs two different “products” on ClickBank. Who knows if he or she owns hundreds of other programs listed there.

I can’t spend all my time browsing all the ClickBank marketplace to find all their frauds, it’s their work, ClickBank team, in general, should take action in these cases when scammers promise people to make money with Google as a game. Of course, they are removing many programs, but see that they need more work.

If you make money with ClickBank and encourage people to buy from there, then you should also advise them to stay away from scammers, unluckily, there are lots of them.

Some of the ClickBank scammers

One of the famous ClickBank scammers is . That webpage promise people to make from $3,500 to $25,000, and even $60,000 each month with Google and ClickBank!!?

If you don’t have any idea about that program, then you can investigate for yourself using the Whois tools to find their domain names, and how they scam people. But, I’ll do that for you, just follow me:

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The the page looks as follows:

Google Online Money Making Scams

Even a child can understand that it’s a scam website. As I said making money with Google is not a web page copy paste and gets money automatically. Now, forget that web page and take a look at the second one:

This one is the and as you can see it’s an exact copy of the first scam website, same content, same background color. and more. Now, let’s see if these two domains are linked to each other.
With a simple Whois test, you will find that and are owned by the same person.

What will surprise you, even more, is this, Go to and see what another website called looked like in the past (it’s offline now) and come back here, or, see the next screenshot:

ClickBank scams

Got an idea? That third website is the exact copy of the two scam sites above, and the owner scammed and still scam people since 2006 with the actual websites in ClickBank. A big? for the ClickBank team. Why they let a big scammer like her/him continue using their service for 8 years and scam people again and again.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the real people who got scammed by these Google online money-making scams. The website Ripoffreport which is a trusted place to find scam reports, it has a testimonial from a person, sees what he/she said: scam

It’s just as a single scam report from thousands of others anywhere in Forums, blogs, sites, and other places. As you can see, these people continue their fraud without any issue with ClickBank, I’ve seen many websites that get banned from ClickBank for the violation of their terms.

But, when you see these scammers sell nothing than dreams to people on the ClickBank website, again a big question.

If you think that the above 3 scam sites owned by the same person are the only scams in ClickBank, then take a look at these websites one by one. is also a scam site hosted in the ClickBank program. promises people to make money on autopilot!!! And also continue their fraud with ClickBank. is another scammer who sells nothing than dreams to bloggers and people who still believe in making thousands with Google overnight as a game. I won’t talk about the survey sites that promise a full job and thousands per hour, only fraud.

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As you can see ClickBank still hosts fraud programs and still let them do what they want with your money, your dreams, and bombard you with dreams that causing you nothing than stress.

You can spend your time verifying the above scammers one by one if you want. But, the better thing that you can do is stay away from any website that promises people to make money with Google with their help.

As I said Google is not a game that scammers can play with. Google is what lets me and you search, find results, and make money with their great programs that help people, but not running with their money as scammers do.

If you want to make money with Google, build a great website for yourself, spend hours of work and nights of hard patience.

Help people with good content, then apply for an Adsense account, they will approve you if you’re honest with yourself and with people. But please, never listen to scammers who still doing their bad job again.

The good news (luckily) is that the above scammers and sites are receiving only a few visitors per day. Their Alexa traffic is below one million, which means that they receive 5 to 10 visitors at the best times.

OK, they still scam people, but a few are better than thousands and who knows what will happen tomorrow?

If ClickBank is still quiet about these frauds, then others will do the same and find new ways to drive traffic and build an illegal business there. People trust ClickBank, but if they see what scammers are doing there, they will change their opinion.

ClickBank is a trusted company that pays all their affiliates and that’s good, but they have to make a decision about these programs. I see the same scammer for 12 years on ClickBank.

I hope that ClickBank takes a look at their sellers, and take the necessary decisions and work for the good of the internet, but not with sellers who promise you fake jobs and surveys.

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