How Do you Google Something? Search the Web Better

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If you’ve no idea about the Internet things and want to search and find information using the Google search engine, then, you’re in the right place. I’ll show you exactly how to Google something or someone easily and better. Google search

The Google search box allows you to type words, phrases, even, texts to find results online. So, without wasting your time, here is how to use Google to search the web.

How to search something with Google?

The term Google is now equivalent to Search. So, if you search for something, then, you’re Googling something to get results online.

To Google something, follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to or click this Google link. Or, if, you use a mobile device, use the Google App on your smartphone.
  2. Now, type in the search box: Use your computer keyboard to compose words. Also, you can use the Google voice search options.
  3. Next, click the Google search button as the following screenshot example. Then, you’ll get the results.
  4. Read the results and click on the best website you find.

How to search with Google

When you get the Google search engine result page (SERP) click the result that looks good. Google lists the best 10 websites or links on the first page. That page is the best match for your search. You can browse other results each per 10 lists.


How does the Google search work?

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. As a company, they build big data centers to store billions of search queries on their servers. Then, they built a super intelligent algorithm that analyzes and rank websites and web pages based on the search terms.

For example, Google analyzes the term “New York”, and, then, it uses deep calculations to rank the website that talks better on that term in the first position. The same thing applies to billions of search queries.

So, all in all, Google find web pages, then, it analyzes their content including links and images. Then, it ranks that page for the terms that look the best.

Finally, when the web user searches Google, he gets the top 10 websites ranked based on the Google algorithm. That’s what happens when someone searches Google.

Related Google search tips

It’s okay for people to make things easier for others. For example, you can help aged women or man searching Google for any information they need. The problem here can be the knowledge or even the disabilities.

If you want to help someone with accurate search results, you can use a service called let me google that for you (LTGTFY). It’s a way to do the Google search yourself, then, send the Google search results page to someone who needs it. It can be for educational purposes or for help. No matter what the goal of the web search is, Let Me Google That For You is a free way to search and share the search results with people.

To use this tool, go to LMGTFY and type your search term in the box. By default, the tool uses the Google search engine, but you can use others like Bing, Yahoo, Ask and others.

let me google that for you

Next, when you click, the blue button Get Links, you’ll get the link to share with others. Copy that URL link and send it to the right person. So, when someone uses that link, he gets the same search page that you got in Google.

Also, you can add special characters to your search query. For example, when you add $, you get the price of something. Example, Ford 50.000$ shows only the results for that exact price.

The following are some of the Google search operators and symbols. They let you make the search faster, exact and better.

" : The quote lets you show only the results with that same phrase (add quotes to your search term)

$ : Find prices for something

# : Use it to get popular hashtags with trending topics

@ : Find social tags

+ : Search on Google plus pages

OR : Find web pages that include one of the terms. Example: (product a OR product b)

Now, you can search with Google better and faster. You get the results you want and you filter them as you want. Also, you can use the Google advanced search if you want more control over the search filter.

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