Best Places to Sell Used Cell Phones for Cash

If you think that your iPhone become outdated, and you need to get a new one and upgrade, you can sell your actual phone at a good price and get a new one. But, the problem is how to find the best websites to sell your iPhone?

There are many places where to sell used phones for cash, including, iPhones, and even faster than you can imagine. However, you need to make sure that you sell it after deleting all your data and never forget or neglect this step. Before start searching for websites to sell your old cell phone, scan it for hidden files that can include your personal detail and other information.

Best places that buy used and broken cell phones

1. Gazelle

Gazelle is the best place to sell old cell phones. It was featured on New York Times, CNN, and other popular news brands. They offer free shipping for their clients, and that will help you as a seller to attract more customers.

The best thing is that they will delete all your personal data from your iPhone, iPad, and other devices if you forget that, so full security for you. Other sites won’t take care of your personal data, this is why I highly recommend this website.

This is the best place to sell a broken iPhone and you can also sell any other phone or computer mark, from Apple to Samsung and Nokia. You don’t have to worry about the traffic that your iPhone listing will receive, the website gets thousands of shoppers every day. If your offer is really good, they will buy it sooner.

Another good thing about Gazelle, it’s where to sell used cell phones for cash, and not gift cards or something like that. You will receive your money on the same day by PayPal or if you want by check.

Best Websites to Sell iPhone

2. Glyde

Glyde is another website that sells used cell phones for cash. They offer great prices compared to other similar sites. At the same time, you can sell a broken iPhone if you have one.

You can also sell all the apple devices that you don’t use or want to make some cash with them. They pay directly to your bank account without fees.

3. USell

USell is one of the trusted places that buy broken cell phones and other product marketplaces. They let you sell your iPhone to professionals and well-known buyers. You get paid directly by the buyer in less than 5 business days after they receive your iPhone.

It’s better to be in a safe place like this web and the above ones, instead of selling your devices to non-verified buyers that can cause problems in some cases.

You can find other places to sell your iPhone, but they will pay with Gift cards, and not cash. You can use Amazon if you want and get an Amazon credit card. For eBay, you will find big issues with your listing.

Thousands of sellers will offer a cheaper price than your offer, and you will find yourself with no sales after a long time. The best way to succeed with eBay is featuring your offer, you pay the fees and your ad will get great exposure.

For Craigslist, you will receive thousands of spam offers and messages from people who want to exchange their devices with yours. The worst thing is that you don’t know these persons and you don’t have a real guarantee that you will stay safe.

Sometimes, it’s better to be in a good place with verified buyers than exchanging things from unknown people. If you want to use Craigslist, my advice is to stay away from electronic products.

The Apple Reuse and Recycling Program is another place to sell your iPhone, but it’s like Amazon, you get Credit cards instead of cash. So, it’s not the right place for you if you want to make some money.

Anyway, if you use the above websites that I recommend, you get paid cash with your iPhone and never worry about security and other problems.

Best of all, you will get sales in a short period of time, especially, if you sell your mobile phone with Gazelle, they are the best among the others.

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