WordPress Tutorials for Beginners

To create a WordPress blog, you have to learn the basic tutorials, then, you will find it super easy to manage. This page includes all our WordPress tutorials for beginners. You can learn how to create a WordPress blog from the installation,  to the theme and the plugin’s settings and configurations.

At the same time, you can learn how to pick up the right WordPress hosting for your blog even before starting. In this case, I offer a free WordPress installation service at no cost for you.

This service cost at least $130 if you hire someone to do it for you. However, I’ll install your blog and set up the theme and plugins and take extra steps by protecting your blog with our recommended tools and plugins. Thus, you get a fully functional WordPress blog or website, and you can start blogging.

To read more about the free WordPress setup, installation, and configuration, visit this page.

The below tutorials will show you the hard things in an easy way, browse them and you will learn how to blogging and fix issues with WordPress:

What is WordPress and how to use it to build websites and blogs?

How to Start a Blog: your ultimate Guide Step By Step.

How to install WordPress on Bluehost.

How to Install WordPress using Softaculous in Cpanel.

How to install WordPress themes step by step.

Understand the WordPress Settings page and the Blog Dashboard.WordPress Blog Tutorial for Beginners

How to verify WordPress blog or website with Google Webmaster Tools.

How to upload files in WordPress using FileZilla.

How to set a fixed widget position in WordPress.

How to change the WordPress login page URL for security.

How to restore a WordPress blog easily without downtime.

How to Increase WordPress Blog Speed in 3 steps.

How to submit WordPress sitemap to Google.

How to change the blog or website Favicon.

How to Backup WordPress website every day for free.

How to change the default username in WordPress.

How to Secure WordPress Login Page in simple steps.

How to Optimize Images in WordPress.

How to add a contact form to WordPress pages.

How to scan WordPress plugins and themes for malware.

How to verify your WordPress blog with Pinterest?.

How to select the best WordPress theme for your blog?.

How to install Google Analytics on WordPress.

Helpful tutorials and articles when you have a problem to fix

How to find the WordPress plugins folder. Sometimes, you will need to deactivate a plugin from Cpanel because you have made a mistake for any reason, so you will get the best way to locate the error and the plugin.

How to Solve the error “Unable to Locate WordPress Content Directory”. This is a popular error message that shows in WordPress sites, luckily it’s easy to fix.

Why can’t you install a WordPress theme or a plugin?. If you have a problem when installing a theme or a plugin, then this tutorial will help.

How to disable user registration in WordPress. Your blog comes with a default user registration option, but sometimes newbies turn it on and they can receive spam users if they participate in forums, for example, a user can generate lots of subscriptions and cause a problem. But the solution is easy.

How to fix the WordPress permalinks after moving to a new hosting. When you change servers, the permalinks that are the URL of your blog posts will be broken, however, it’s very easy to reset them.

How to disable comments in WordPress? You can turn comments for a post, or pages or everywhere if you really need that.

How to move WordPress posts to pages.

How to fix the WordPress white screen of death. This is a withe page without content that can be caused by many factors, so learn how to fix it.

How to solve the database connection error in WordPress. The database is the core of your blog, it contains the tables and the data. But sometimes the WordPress can’t communicate with that database for many reasons and you will fix the issue easily.

Fix the WordPress link adding problems.

Solve the image uploading problems in WordPress. If you can’t upload images in your blog posts, this tutorial will help you to solve the problem.

Learn how to access the WordPress admin after changing the URL. If for any reason, you’ve changed the blog URL and added or deleted the WWW, this post will show you the solution with detailed information.

How to delete a WordPress theme completely. If you have uploaded the wrong theme file or want to delete a theme, this tutorial will show you the step by step way.