How to Set a Fixed Widget Position in WordPress

The blog sidebar is the best place to show some of your great content and recommends tested products to your readers. It can also be used to show notes to your readers, but sometimes, you need to make a single widget or a box in a fixed position. So, when people scroll down, they still see that widget.

Today, I’ll show you a simple way to set a fixed widget position in WordPress. You don’t have to edit anything in your blog or theme code, it’s simple, thanks to a helpful plugin developed to make your sidebar widgets in a fixed position with just a simple checkbox click.

Our plugin for today is the Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget), it’s the only high quality and free plugin that allows you to select which widget to set as fixed. I’ve seen some widgets for a fixed sidebar, but they’re doing a bad job, they load slower when you scroll down the page.

No to use the Fixed widget plugin, you need to install it first.

fixed widget position wordpress

You can also search the plugin directly in your WordPress plugin search box, just type “Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget)” and hit enter. Then, install and activate the plugin, and all is done.

To adjust the position and some other settings, you need to find the plugin setting page first, it’s located under ”Appearance”, then ”Fixed Widget Options”.

Fixed widget settings

The Fixed widget options allow you to define the top and the bottom margins to make the widget in the exact position, in the sidebar. You can use the setting appearing in the below screenshot to help get a great fixed widget setting.

Fixed Widget Options

The ”1500 milliseconds” is the interval of time between updating the position when scrolling the page. With that number, your widget will set to keep the same position, even, when the visitor scrolls the page fast, it’s a reaction in real-time. I recommend letting the settings as I mentioned above.

If your theme is different from normal layouts, you can change the top and the bottom margins, to adjust the appearance. You can do that directly from your dashboard, or, from your browser. You just need to make sure that the theme and the plugin work normally without problems.

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Using the Q2W3 Fixed Widget

The plugin will fix any checked widget on the Widgets page. So, open the widgets page first, then locate the widget that you want to make in a fixed position. Please remember that you need to make that widget the last one, in the sidebar.

Make a fixed widget in the Sidebar

The best thing about this plugin is that you can make an individual selection of widgets that you want to be in a fixed position. But remember, that you need to have a maximum number of a fixed widget, or, your sidebar will look broken.

In other cases, the theme itself can cause a problem with your fixed widget. Make sure to verify if your theme supports the fixed widget option or not before buying the theme. Thus, you avoid some issues later and keep your theme fully functional with that plugin. But in general, all themes are working normally with this tool and no issues will be there.

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