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When starting an online business, people think about their marketing strategies, and how to find a balance between what they offer and what they get. However, the majority of small business owners neglect their customer support system, and focus their investment and work on productivity.

I said many times, the good content sells itself in general, but what about the customers? It can be a mom, father, child, or anyone who needs help with one of your services or products.

It’s vital for business services to have good and professional cloud-based customer support software, with ticketing, phone, and live chat solutions. And most importantly, the system should be hosted in the cloud to be available all the time and backed up daily. Then the business will grow naturally.

Top-rated helpdesk support system

Business owners want a real cloud-based customer support system that offers the maximum services at affordable prices. For that reason, I recommend Freshdesk for its awesome services and advanced software.

It’s one of the top-rated help desk solutions with real reviews and feedback. They have a complete helpdesk system, including, ticketing, integrated phone support, a live chat program, and much more.

Best of all, they offer a free 30-day trial to try their cloud software and use some of their features that no one else offers.

The cloud-based customer service protects your business from web hosting failure and any other problem that can risk any small business. There is no need to think about technical issues and how to solve them like many other tools.

The software is hosted and managed 100% by expert professionals and the dedicated team works for the success of your customer support department.

Web-based ticketing system

Forget the boring email-based support systems that lots of companies still using. Instead, take your business to the next level with this software. Your customers will appreciate that, this the best help desk ticketing software that you can find on the web.

You can automate the support like any big company, and even better. Also, you can assign incoming tickets to a specified category or agent, and let the software manage all that automatically.

Even, you can add your own conditions for every new ticket, forward topics to the right department, and send automated responses telling your customers that you received the ticket. Of course, you can tell the customer that an agent will respond to it, as soon as possible, or in a specified duration.

best customer support software

You have the choice to assign the ticket, move, resolve, or update them with the right choice. Then you get detailed reports and statistics about your customer support activities. That includes what tickets, the customer sent, and who responds the best, and much more.

Cloud Based Customer Support Software

Furthermore, the software comes with advanced features, such as the time, you can add it to your system and find the duration for every ticket. That will help to identify things for better optimization, and others to change for better customer support service. In other words, it’s the best customer support software for small businesses.

Offer automated answer suggestions

When you receive lots of tickets and you think your team won’t respond to all of that, at that time, then, add automated, targeted, and pre-selected answers from your knowledge base. If customers receive that right answer, they will cancel the ticket, and your team will work better on difficult questions and problems.

Multiple product support

Freshdesk comes with multiple product support system. So, your customers can send their tickets directly from the exact page and never looks around, for how to get the help.

That way, they appreciate the fast and smart service, and you get the exact details about the ticket. Then, you can assign the ticket to the right agent, or send automated help during the answer.

Global and multi-language customer support

This is the beauty of this amazing software, no matter if your customers leave in America, Africa, Europe, Asia, or Oceania, the time zone settings and configurations lets you customize everything inside the system. You can create a specific welcome message, depending on the time of the day, the location, and the language. That way, the customer finds a unique and customized service that a few companies offer.

Measure customer support satisfaction

Of course, you need to know what your customer support department is doing. The system includes a satisfaction program that asks your customers for their opinions about the agent and the service in general.

If something needs better work, you will get that in the report, and if you have, a good team, you also find that in your customers’ satisfaction report.

customer support satisfaction

Phone customer support system

This is one of the best-hosted help desk solutions. The software gives your agent the right details about the caller, and that will prepare the right answer, based on the actual situation of your customer. The system interface itself is well designed, and that will make things better for your agents.

If you think the caller should be served by a specific agent, you have the total settings to forward, or manage calls. Even, you can convert phones to tickets when that is necessary.

phone customer support system

The system tracks everything, such as the number, the timing, the location, and that’s what makes things easy to manage depending on your needs.

Easy live chat customer support

Nowadays, people want to find fast answers, directly from an agent, and they simply go away from long documentation and other details.

So, you need to offer the greatest live chat system for your customers, and that’s why Freshdesk is one of the few customer support services that offer a fast live chat system. It works properly no matter if one or one thousand customers are connected.

All you need to do is to organize your agent work and make a balance with the other systems like the phone and the ticket.


The chat interface itself is customizable, and you have themes to choose from and use. Not only that, but you can decide how to end the chat session, and even forward it to the right location.

Self-support service

This is the best help desk software that offers amazing features. For example, you can offer a service that lets your customer browse old tickets, to find similar problems, then, they can find the solution instantly. Both, you, and the customer will save time. It’s a help desk knowledge base software with all the options that you need.

Also, you can create your own community forums to help your customers. People can ask questions and they get help from other members or your agents. That builds a business trust for the activity that people find with real people and helpful answers.

By the way, you don’t have to do anything in order to add forums or the self-service portal. Just add them from your account and it’s done with some customizations. With other software, you need to install the forum software yourself.


Mobile customer support system

People can send their tickets on the go, they can solve their problems in minutes or instantly if you have this optimized mobile customer support software. No one will find your service valuable without this option.

That’s why big companies started integrating it on their old systems. But, you get all the fresh applications and software in the same system, you just need to enable them when you want.


Who uses this trusted software?


Because this is the best small business help desk software, I’ve verified the company services first. Then, I investigate their technologies and what they are using, for security, and so on. That’s to ensure the quality of all the other services that I recommend.

If you want to add a professional customer support service for your business, then, use Freshdesk and forget problems. You’ll amaze your clients with one of the most used software. Sony, Hugo, UNICEF, and many others, are using this service for years. That’s why you need to give it a try before deciding.

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