Cloud Backup for Small Business Server

Best Cloud Backup Service for Small Businesses

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Nowadays, small business needs secure online data backup to protect their servers and customers at the same time. However, the large number of cloud backup services for small businesses make things complicated for entrepreneurs who looks for easy to use interface and great features..

But, when it comes to security and prices, only, the Rackspace Jungle Disk offers a real service at the maximum performances. Best of all, the backup process happens in real-time, for one, or multiple servers from your choice.

It’s the top rated cloud backup service provider for business servers that thousand of companies trust, and use. Their intelligent program detects the modified folders and upload the new files to the cloud storage accounts.

What’s this business cloud based backup service

Rackspace Jungle Disk is a trusted company that offers small business server backup solutions. They work with completely customized hardware and software technologies. So, they offer the best backup for their customers.

When you think about an enterprise level backups, you should look for security before everything. Nothing is more important than your company’s data that no one else should access it.

Other service promises amazing storage, but when it comes to security, they offer nothing. Their employee can access your data whenever they want and that’s what makes a business at risk.

best cloud backup for small business

Unlike all the other cloud computing providers, Rackspace encrypts the uploaded data between your company server and computers, and their cloud infrastructure. That means no one can see your files simply, because they passes through 256-bit encryption security.

They offer large variety of cloud backup solutions for small businesses, and the good thing is that, the customer is the only one who can access the cloud data. Even, it’s impossible for their employees to access your stored backups, and that’s what makes them my only recommended small business cloud storage service.

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What makes this service different from the others?

Before starting with some of the features that make Rackspace Jungle Disk the only recommended service for small and medium size businesses, you need to have an idea about why companies need this cloud backup. It’s all about the business itself.

If you already tried other cloud storage providers, surely you found lots of errors and failed backups all the time. But, when you want to restore your files saved in the cloud, you found that some, if not, all your files are corrupted, and that’s what makes a business at risk.

The Rackspace cloud based backup is a vital service to save your company from risks and help you grow your business.

Flexibility of choice

Unlike the other solutions for the small business server backup, this one has been working for years with professionalism on cloud backups, and with extreme flexibility for their customers. I’ve never seen any other company that offers the ability to choose your best backup destination.

You can use the default Rackspace enterprise file storage infrastructure. Or, use the Amazon S3 service of you want that.

Unlimited storage

This is the power of this company, you already knows that all the other cloud backup services limits your storage space. That’s what make things hard to manage for companies with a large amount of data. Rackspace Jungle Disk lets you pay as you go, no matter if you have one, a few, or, thousands of servers to backup.

Your level of storage is unlimited, and it’s not any storage, but, the most advanced and secured among the online data storage services. You can upload or download as many files as you want every day, every month, and when you want, you pay as you go.

Backup what you want

This is a cloud backup service with lots of reviews and recommendations. You have the total control about what files you want to backup and when. You can add external drivers, network drivers, even NAS devices that the other providers block all the time.

Lots of business owners find themselves in difficult situations when they need urgent backups for specific drivers. Luckily, it’s not a problem here, backup what you want at unlimited space.

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Best prices and pay for what you use only

When it comes to prices of small business online backup, Rackspace costs 15¢ per GB, and that’s a logic and cheap price compared to other networks. You can see for yourself how much extra money you will pay with many low quality services when you can get the best one at good prices.

Unlike other popular cloud computing providers, you don’t need to pay for the space that you’re not using, instead, you only pays for the exact disk space that you use, and that’s the real proof of trust.

Top level security

When your server uploads data to Rackspace, the data will be encrypted to protect your files from interceptions. The good thing that only this company offers is that you can encrypt your own AES-256 encryption key.

That’s for extra security if you want, and it’s a signal of trusts at the same time. If they let you encrypt your data before uploading it to their cloud servers, then, they works for security.

Backup Vaults to save you money and time

The Backup Vaults takes care of your saved data, and it control the backup time and make it faster without affecting the service, before starting the upload process. This technology detects your modified files from that last backup.

That way, only the new modified files will be uploaded, because you already have them stored in the cloud, best of all, you will save lots of bandwidth and money, and of course, the upload and the synchronization process will be faster.

Remote management and backup reports

The Rackspace Jungle Disk Server Edition lets you manage all your files from Mac, Windows or Linux based computer. It’s not only the greatest backup service for business, but also, you can access your data anytime you want, from your local machine and in total security.

When a backup is completed, you will receive a detailed report about your stored files, and the last modified ones. So, you can keep track of everything. You can also customize your reports and receive updates via emails, RSS or directly from your account.

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Tips for better cloud backups for your company

As you can see, Rackspace Jungle Disk is a completely secure and flexible cloud backup service that suit the business needs, and only costs for the exact disk space that companies use. That’s why thousands of small businesses and medium businesses have been using their services for years and never found an issue with their server backups.

There is no limited number of servers to backup, and the customer support talks about itself, professional and fast like no one of the others. However, if Rackspace takes care about your server data and makes them encrypted, that means, you also, have to be at that level of security in your normal life.

So, never share your account details, no matter if you should send them in emails or in SMS. A single mistake can risk a full business and you should be the only one who knows your account details.

If you should send your login or keys to your technicians, for example, make sure to use encrypted connections when sending your file, and immediately change your password after that. Lots of people use advanced software to find login details. That’s why you should change your company severe details, at least, once a month, that will protect your business and make things safe.

Scan your computers and servers for malware and virus periodically, and make sure to use the latest software technologies for that. Your antivirus system should be updated daily, and it’s better to separate your company Internet connection that employees uses from the server connection that store the data.

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