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If you have a WordPress blog and want to share your latest posts automatically with your Pinterest followers, then, you will find a few methods to do that. Luckily, there are a couple of premium plugins that you can choose from and use.

However, only one of these tools does the work properly, it needs a simple setup at the beginning, to link your Pinterest account, and then, let it post automatically. It’s called Pinterest Automatic Pin, and everything is optimized for more sharing and better results.

Pinterest is one of the most visited websites in the world, with millions of members and daily visits. Pinterest is a big source of traffic for people who know exactly how to do that. In a previous post about creating a food blog, I’ve talked about the importance of that big social sharing network.

Bloggers with amazing images that attract attention should use Pinterest to boost their traffic. Some popular blogs receive the majority of their traffic from that website, by sharing their well-created photos, and most importantly, by staying active and interacting with others.

That’s why using an auto post to Pinterest, WordPress plugin is highly recommended for sites with visual content.

Share your blog posts automatically on Pinterest

The plugin “Pinterest Automatic Pin” is easy to install and use at the same time. Best of all, you can specify categories to post images on them, and even, Pinterest boards to pin on them. That will make things organized and your followers still find important updates without being a spammer, as any other tool. Your pinned images will be marked, so you can see what images were shared.

Auto post to Pinterest WordPress plugin

This the best Pinterest plugin for WordPress that makes your life easier. If you don’t have images on a post, you can simply set the featured image to be pinned, and that’s only when you want. That way, the plugin follows your settings.

Furthermore, there are no limits on the number of images that you can share. Of course, all your pins will be linked automatically to the exact blog post in WordPress.

That way, you still get benefits from the backlinks that your site gets from the most authoritative sites on the Internet.

WordPress to Pinterest pin

At the same time, the plugin comes with a smart function that supports Cron Jobs. If you want to post a single image every minute, for example, when scheduling, bulk image pining, your plugin will share a single image at a maximum every minute, until the full sharing is complete.

Automatically Pin WordPress Posts

By using the plugin, you’re saving time and the effort of managing all the jobs manually. But, make sure to create amazing photos with some effects if you can. Remember that Pinterest rank pins also, and you can get lots of traffic if you add a useful and informative description for your pins.

That’s not easy if you have a huge number of images to pin. However, hard work brings fantastic results in general, and you can make your pins attractive and ranking better in the Pinterest search result.

I highly recommend using Pinterest, especially, for fashion, photography, and food blogs and sites. These niches are popular there with millions of followers. So, you can benefit from that if you follow many of them and stay active, by commenting on their pins, and share your idea if you have some time.

The big mistake that newbies make with their Pinterest account is sharing images and stop there. People want to see pins from real people and not bots, and they will ask questions and share ideas. So, you need to be human as well and communicate with your followers. That will build a strong account that will bring lots of traffic later.

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