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Best Cloud Computer Backup Services in 2019: for Windows, Mac and Mobile

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The cloud computing gets more intention every day from people who care about their data and security. If you count the number of cloud computer backup services, you will find thousands. And that’s without counting those who starts their business every week.

The problem is not the service itself, but, the method of storage, security, and the support for mobile devices, as desktop and laptops.

Today, I’ll list the best of the cloud storage and backup service providers, based on their security, and service quality. But also, I’ll look for the features that every company offers and what makes it different from the others.

Trusted cloud computer backup service providers

I will only list the service that I personally used and received reviews about them. I won’t recommend a service that I don’t trust, as all the other recommended products and services. These cloud storage providers are tested and verified one by one. Just use the one that suit your needs.

1. Spider Oak

This is my first recommended service that I’ve been using for years. They’re the only cloud backup and storage service provider that totally encrypt the connection around files. In other words, this is not only the most secured personal storage systems, but also, no one can access your files even the technicians.

Many times, people want to find a way to store their family photos, and even, very personal documents. But, they forget that everyone from the popular services can see their documents when they want.

Luckily, by using Spideroak, you’re the only one who can access your files and with passwords. The company that saves those files will never see them. Simply, because each file is encrypted and saved with a secret token that only, you can access.

Cloud Computer Backup Services

This service is 100% private and secure. They have an application for desktops and you can select which files to synchronize. The good part is that you can restore deleted files from your cloud storage account, even, if they are not existing in your computer. They save multiple versions of the same file, and you can restore the version that you want securely.

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They offer a free 2 GB for new users, and you can upgrade your account later when you want more disk space.

2. MyPC backup

A few companies offer the same quality services like this one. They are one of the most secure cloud computing and storage. Unlike the others, this one offer unlimited storage. So, people can save as many files as they need without restriction. They have applications for Windows and Linux to synchronize files in real-time and automatically.

This is a service that you set up one and forget forever. No settings needed after the installation. Also, they offer free applications for Smartphones and tablets. So, people can manage their files from their mobile phones on the go.

Unlike many services, MyPC backup creates different copies from the same folder or file, and it will be saved on multiple servers across multiple data centers. That way, there is no chance to lose any file, even, if natural problems happen. The data centers are located in different countries, and that means total security and reliability.

The files can be accessed from desktops, laptops, mobile phones, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, HTC. And also, you can use you iPad or any other tablet to manage your files anytime and from anywhere.

3. Rackspace Disk

This is not only a cloud storage and backup service provider, but, they are one of the biggest web hosting companies with thousands of servers, and big infrastructure. They offer an enterprise cloud backup service with advanced technologies.

That allowed them to be the perfect choice for big companies that trust them for the quality storage, and the security. They offer a “pay as you go” system for better flexibility, and real transparency. You pay for the space that you use only and that’s good to save money.

4. Just Cloud

This is another popular cloud storage company. They have applications for laptops and mobile phones. They offer a free 1GB storage and you can upgrade for more space if you need it. They have an app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. They are good for public file storage, and you can save your files there in security.

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5. Dropbox

Everyone has heard about this personal cloud backup service. It’s a good platform to save files. But it’s not the best place to save personal files and sensitive documents.

They can access your data when they need and I only recommend them for public use, or for storage of regular files. But, not for private cloud storage. They have millions of users around the world, and they have an application for Desktop and mobiles.

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