Best Personal Cloud Storage Service with Unlimited Devices

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When people want to have their own private cloud storage accounts, they forget that everyone from the service provider can access their files and browse them without a problem. That’s a big issue that make us all worrying about the private life. No one wants to share his personal images, videos, and data and we all need to use the cloud storage to make sure that we can restore everything if a PC problem happens.

Luckily, there are a few private cloud storage service providers that people can use and trust for the simple reason that they encrypt 100% the connection between your device and their cloud servers, at the same time, the technical engineers themselves can see the stored data and there is no way to access them by anyone expecting the person who owns that account.

Personal cloud storage service

I want to share the below service provider for their trust and security and of course the real privacy they offer to their users.

I’ve used Spideroak and found that they are the only service that guarantees the privacy without a doubt. This cloud storage provider service offers the top security settings. So, you can upload your files and share them privately with your family or friends without worrying about privacy, everything is protected by a password and no one can access any file without entering that password.

Best of all, the total encryption technology hides your downloaded and uploaded data from hackers and people who want to intercept files.

Spideroak is one of the few personal cloud storage providers that offer 2 GB of free private cloud storage for all users, if you need more disk space, you can upgrade or downgrade when you want with a simple click of a button. Everything is flexible and easy to manage.

This is the service that you setup once and forget it forever, you can synchronize your files with unlimited number of devices including laptops, desktops, tablets and phones and much more. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about supporting operating systems and platforms, IOS, Windows, and Linux are supported and in a simple step you

Best personal cloud storage

The trash recovery feature allows you to recover any deleted file and that’s important when you make mistakes by deleting the wrong file or folder. If you’ve edited a file by adding or deleting content, you can restore the old versions when you need that. So, you can’t lose anything in your account and you’re the only one who can see that.

This is not only the best Dropbox cloud storage alternative service, but it’s also more secure. If you’ve used Dropbox, you probably noticed the popular error when you log in, luckily this service is totally free of errors and you can access your account and files anytime you want from every device you have and from around the world.

You just need an Internet connection and a computer, tablet or mobile phone. The drag and drop interface let you move and edit files in real time without complicated settings and editing.

Spideroak has applications for iOS, Android and tablet devices. So, you can manage your files on the go without limitation. If you have a single mobile or thousand tablets, laptops and phones, your data will be saved across those devices.

Using this Secure cloud storage service

After creating your account, you will get a download pop-up that you need to use, it’s the application that will make the totally encrypted connection between your device and the cloud account. I recommend Spideroak for the real private storage service they offer. Unlike many other services, this one makes it hard to see your files even for their technicians.

In the installation process, you need to add your device name, example, “home laptop” and you can add your phone later to make sure you have access anywhere you go.

The personal cloud storage software lets you select which folder you want to backup, example, images, documents and all the others, you can select all if you want and the Uploader will start encrypting the folders before uploading them to the cloud storage. When you need to share files like images, and videos, you just need to create an ID and password and send them to the target person.

best private cloud storage service

You can also create your own ShareRooms that contains the files that you’ve selected to be shared with a friend or a family member, just give them the link and the password. At the same time, you can add more login settings and requirements. It’ all up to you, but the good thing is that the files are sorted privately.

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