To build a professional membership website in WordPress, people start searching for a ready theme, and forget that their members can easily find that theme on the web. That makes things unprofessional and hard to manage, especially, with lots of members who see the same design elsewhere.

That’s why building a custom WordPress theme is the only way to be professional and attract more members, at the same time.

That can be costly, and the only way to create a good web design is using a theme builder tool that lets you drag and drop elements, and create the content that people needs.

There are lots of theme creators, but they are not all professional and high quality like the one called InstaTheme that I recommend today. It’s a the best WordPress membership theme with lots of features.

Complete WordPress membership theme builder

InstaTheme is not only a theme builder, but a smart tool to create attractive content for your WordPress members that no other theme builder can offer. Other themes come with complicated settings that take days of learning without getting the real design and layout that people wants.

On the other side, with this tool, you just build in real-time theme, and that’s what will look like in real previews.

Best WordPress membership theme

Premium Pre-installed membership themes

You don’t need to start from scratch, you get four high-quality themes to use and customize in a few clicks. Just drag and drop elements, buttons, content, and what you need, and your site will be ready without touching a single line of code.

So, you don’t need to learn HTML or CSS, this membership site theme builder will save you hours of styling and days of hard work.

Powerful Visual editor

This great membership WordPress theme builder makes the life easier and you don’t have to preview the changes, and see what the modified settings will look like. You can create unlimited WordPress themes for membership sites like a pro.

The professional theme builder comes with a visual editor that lets you add, and move any content that you want in real-time. What you create and see is what your visitors and member will see also. It’s like building the theme in your pages.

You don’t need anymore the hard job to work between tabs and testing the design in your web browser. In a few seconds, you can add icons, videos, images, texts, and much more. Best of all, all you have to do, is to drag and drop.

This theme builder comes with great drag and drop features solves the problem of creating professional membership WordPress themes, without losing patience and time. This easy theme builder solves the problem of creating a professional theme without losing patience and time.

best membership theme

Move content by drag and drop

Imagine if you have a classic theme and you want to move a table, or video to another position and replace it with a paragraph, or vice versa. That needs lots of editing and you should start by searching for the right tabs and make the changes hardly.

This is the best membership WordPress theme that solves that big problem, and lets you drag and drop any content that you want and place it to any position you want. When you have something new to add in your WordPress membership site theme, all you have to do, is drag and drop it in the right place that you see.

Add what you want with a single step

If you’ve used one of the WordPress page builder plugins, you already know that adding a simple video, takes a few minutes, and hope that what you build will look good as you want. It’s like creating an image that you can see in real-time, and when you preview that work, you see a different image from the one that you’ve built. That’s what you will forget with this powerful theme builder.

If you need a YouTube video, you just need to drag and drop the video element, that is it. In a single step, you can place the video in the exact place that you want in your membership website theme.

Marketing bar to show notifications or ads

In a few clicks, you can create a beautiful and professional bar at the top of your pages, or where you want. Then, you can use it to show a notice to your members, or simply, promote your affiliate product there. You can edit the bar color, position, fonts, and all the other settings that you can imagine.

All that will save you lots of time and money when you want to hire coders just to show messages. But, you get a better functions in your theme.

CSS editor to customize everything

Normally, when you want to change the color in your theme or adjust an element as buttons, or, tabs, you need to add the code to your theme’s CSS file, and hope that you won’t break the website. That’s from the past now, InstaTheme comes with a ready CSS area to add and modify your codes if you want.  With a simple click, you can add and save the new CSS code, then, it will apply the changes in real-time.

Lot’s of membership icons and customization

If you take a look at some big membership websites and compare their designs, you will notice that they are using icons to look professional and beautiful. That’s what InstaTheme offer, but this time with more and better icons, colors, and designs. I recommend this professional tool for everyone who wants to build the best WordPress themes for membership sites.

Tips to create a professional membership website

As you can see, InstaTheme is the greatest WordPress membership theme builder that lets you build a 100% custom design with no coding. But, please make sure to use a few colors in your design to look professional. So, limit your theme colors to 3 as a maximum.

I’m talking about the colors of the header, the footer, the widgets, and the content. If you use a few, but well-selected colors, you will make things professional from the beginning. Don’t make the same mistake that people still make by adding lots of colors in their themes. That looks unprofessional and can affect the visitor experience.

Also, use the minimum number of plugins, if you need a function, search for a way to add it manually, and save the loading time. You need a fast website, and too many plugins can cause problems, especially, with thousands of members.

Of course, use a fast hosting provider, I recommend WP Engine for their premium managed hosting and the exceptional customer support that no other company offers honestly. Or, you can use a cheaper hosting, but with premium quality and customer support. I recommend Liquid Web, it’s the right choice for small businesses and serious website owners.

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