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Blogging for business tips that entrepreneurs needs in 2019

No matter if you have a small business or a big company with millions of customers, blogging is so powerful for business, and you shouldn’t forget that if you want to succeed. There are thousands of blog posts every day, and many of them are coming from business owners.

However, it looks like many of the entrepreneurs are doing the wrong strategy, and that’s why I’m writing these, blogging for business tips to help to fix some issues.

Blogging for Business Tips

Social media is not worth your investment

Lots of companies invest money and time in their social media. They hire someone to respond to Facebook comments that are spam, and others who reply to Tweets and so on, that’s what happens now.

If you’re a business owner, and you have an existing Facebook page with thousands of followers, or even, millions, that will be good, but not great. The reason is simple, if you invested the same effort and money on content and SEO, you will skyrocket your sales and sign-ups. At the same time, you can make all that working on autopilot, and you don’t have to manage anything.

Creating social accounts for your company shouldn’t be a goal itself. It’s just an option to show people, that you’re active there, and that you can update them with news, and even, offers from time to time.

As I said many times before, Facebook is not the right place to sell things, many companies stopped their adverting campaigns there, because they found the network, not for them. There are millions of people who log in every day, but, they’re not looking to buy things.

If you’re a lover of these fake fans, then, you already know that they never help in SEO or in sales. At the same time, if you want to build a big platform of followers, then, you should invest money, and hope that you can convert signups into sales.

On the other side, what if you spend the same money with content and make your company blog rich with good quality articles? Of course, that will return your investment and boost your sales. Best of all, organic traffic is what will remain for years.

Self-promotion is a wrong way

The biggest mistake that business blogs have is to forget that they have a larger readership than their customers. They bombard users with posts talking about how much their products are great, and how to benefit from them.

That should be a small part of the blog and not the main content. Imagine someone who talks all the time about himself, will people trust him? Of course, No and you should build a real content that fixes problems and that help people, without any self-promotion.

Creating articles to help people is not a waste of time like what many people think. That’s the way to offer something good for free, and you will get results in return. But, the difference here is that you win the reader’s confidence, and people will read more about your business, and even, they will buy your product.

Of course, when you have a new product or service, or even an update, you can write about all that in a blog post. Make things easy to understand and add images and videos in the right place. I recommend video tutorials that explain how to use your product, and what mistakes to avoid when using it.

Ask people to write their feedback and learn from them. This is the way to build a good professional business blog that rank higher in search engines, and that people love.

Wrong Blogging is popular these days

Unfortunately, the majority of business blogs are not worth reading, or at least, no one can find them in the Google search. I see that blog interlinking is completely absent in many blogs, and people say why no one finds their sites.

Linking your blog posts at the right time and in place is not an option. If you’ve talked about something in the past, and you mentioned it in other posts, it’s recommended to link to it from there. Google crawlers can find all your pages and you will get better indexing, and your users will get a better experience.

Thousands of business owners hire newbies who never think about linking to trusted sources. That’s a real mistake that affects the whole blog content and that’s why they never see the light on Google.

If you’re talking about a specific topic, you should link to posts or pages that talk about that topic. At the same time, never link to any spam website and make sure to avoid new sites as you can.

It’s recommended to create longer posts, make it simple and write something that has, at least 800, words and never limit yourself to 1000 or 2000 word articles. If the idea needs more than that, divide it into multiple parts and link them together.

Blogging for Business

Write easy to read phrases, in the end,  your readers are coming from many backgrounds, and not all of them are well-educated. When you help them understand things and solve their problems, people will appreciate that. Also, make sure you use a good proofreading tool that handles all the complicated details a human needs to do.

Many of them will be returning readers and real customers who share positive testimonials. It’s all about the way that you treat your blog readers, and not just writing for search engines.

If your business is oriented to some geographical locations, makes sure to optimize the blog for local SEO. That’s not a rocket science, make things simple for yourself, and use the country, or the city name, at least, once in the article.

You can also add your local phone number at the bottom, or at the top of the blog pages. To go further, ask local sites in your niche to link to your blog. That will help to get better ranking and amazing results.

Please forget all the link selling sites, they will destroy your SEO completely. Also, forget to submit your site to directories, it’s just a waste of time and directories are no longer working. Google started penalizing thousands of sites because of their low-quality linking. The quality of your blog’s inbound links is what makes the difference.

Ask people to subscribe to your blog updates, and offer something for free if you can. But remember, you need to use your email list correctly, and never bombard people with offers. Give them advice and tips, ask them to suggest new posts, and find what they need.

When you build relationships with your subscribers, you can send one offer per week and offer free content in the next emails and repeat the same thing. Send free tips and adding an offer will never destroy your list, and you will promote your business, at the same time.

These are simple, but, effective tips to succeed your business blog, and make it trusted by people, and also, by search engines. The only difference between your company’s blog and the other blogs is that you promote your products in a few posts, and you write about other things in the rest of the content.

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