Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

The best thing about starting a new blog is that you can install and set up everything in a few minutes. Then, you can create the first post on the same day. That seems easy, as we all started like that, but, when it comes to the truth, nothing is easy.

If you think that you will create a blog and bombard it with articles, and then, make money with it, then, you need to read the below points one by one. That will help to avoid the mistakes of the others.

Consider these things when creating a new blog

You should do Keywords research

If you don’t have some keywords to use, you can’t get traffic and guarantee good results. If you look around you, you will find thousands of people making money from keyword research.

That’s because thousands of other people who are bloggers and business owner invests in the keyword research to find profitable terms to use in their titles and pages. However, you don’t need any of the paid keyword research tools, you can use the Google Keyword Planner, and find thousands of keywords if you spend hours and hours searching and organizing your data.

Things to Know Before Starting a Blog

If you want to start a fashion blog, for example, make sure to search for the word “fashion”. When you get the list of suggested words, download them and start working on them in Google search. You can use this beginners guide to learn more, without making things complicated.

Google will be your best friend

Don’t make the same mistake that lots of people made at the beginning, you need Google and Google needs you. If you spend lots of time creating good content that people enjoy and that follow the Google webmaster guidelines, your blog will get traffic from organic search.

Forget all the other search engines completely, I know what I say. Later, you will notice that Bing and Yahoo, for example, bring you less than, 2% of the traffic and in the best cases, you get some better results.

Instead of wasting your time with other search engines that get less than 15% of all the search market, focus on the one that has the other 85% of the search market.

It’s not about traffic, but quality

If you think that getting thousands of people every day will make you money, then, think again, traffic is what makes money. But, remember that the quality of that traffic is all you need. The best source of traffic is always Google, but, you can get good traffic, also, from your email list later.

Social media is just a waste of time, the majority of companies that use Facebook, for example, are using it for branding more than marketing. Some companies stopped their social media marketing because of the low conversion.

As I said many times, people go to Facebook to be social, and not to buy items. Of course, there are always exceptions, but, you don’t need to use expectations and risk your work.

Blogging Truthes

A few hundred of real visitors from Google are better than one million Facebook surfer. You will understand that later when you drive the traffic.

Don’t submit your blog to directories

The age of web directories was finished for a long time. No more value for those sites and you can put your blog at risk when submitting your link to them. Google itself started penalizing sites with low-quality links that come from those directories.

If you really want to succeed, forget that, and all the other strategies that “first bloggers” used in the last 10 years. It’s a new age of SEO and blogging, and you need to learn from new people and not those who used technics in the past years.

Never accept guest posts

If you want to go with guest posting from the beginning, you will destroy your blog, and you will get spammers and link building companies, who just want to make your blog penalized by Google.

Lots of agencies contact new bloggers asking for links and posting opportunities because they know that newbies will accept. So, never accept those things and focus on your blog content instead.

If you should accept posts later, make sure to No follow all the links and never create a profile link to websites like what was people doing, It’s a big mistake on SEO.

You will get lots of spam and scam emails

No matter what your blog size is, thousands of people scan the web every day, to find new bloggers. Then, they ask them for links and other bad opportunities that violate Google and other search engine guidelines.

Be careful about links that you can find in your emails and never click on them. Instead, use the domain name that people used in their email, and see what’s that website. Even, if you get post requests for free, never accept them and stay safe.

The theme can affect your blog ranking

Google crawlers access your blog layout and content through the theme structure. If your theme is not SEO optimized, you will lose big benefits and you can destroy your blog.

The theme should be clean and fast, but also, it should be downloaded from trusted sources that thousands of bloggers use. Instead, start as a professional and use one of the professional themes.

Monetization comes later

You need to create content that ranks well. That needs lots of time, and you have to build your blog posts for a few months, at least. The monetization can be set when you have lots of traffic, and you see that your site is optimized for everything, including SEO, speed, and user experience.

Adding banner ads from the beginning will slow down your blog and make you nothing as earnings. The clean blog will bring better results than those with banners everywhere.

Backup your blog daily

Don’t wait until the moment when you don’t have a backup to restore a hacked, or a broken blog. That can happen to anyone without a single notice. The backup is more important than other things, and even, monetization.

You don’t need to pay for your daily backups, all you have to do is to use one of the free WordPress plugins and save your backups to Dropbox directly.

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