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Best WordPress Migration Service: Move your Sites with No Downtime

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When webmasters and business owners wants to move their WordPress sites to a new web hosting, they find problems with the content transfer, and all the setup and options in the new server. That will cause more issues, especially, for active sites.

But when it comes to the real WordPress migration service with no downtime, I recommend Fantasktic for their quality support and migration process. So, I’ll tell you more about them and what they offer better than the others.

That will help you to get any WordPress site migrated easily. That includes, the migration from:

  • to, or self hosted
  • eCommerce website migration
  • Multisite to single site installation
  • TypePad to WordPress transfer, and much more.

The good thing about all that is that the process takes less than 24 hours in general. Then, they send a confirmation email when they complete the transfer in the new server, and verify that all works properly.

Before moving your site with Fantasktic WordPress migration services, you need to apply for your migration service. You have to submit your website URL with your admin login details, the new hosting details and of course, the backup destination that you have. That can be your old server if you don’t have a full backup.

WordPress website migration options

Single WordPress installation, migration

The WordPress migration can be easy for advanced users. But, sometimes when the database size becomes large, things will be complicated, and that’s what cause problems in many cases. That’s why people choose a professional transfer service to avoid mistakes, and make their blogs work properly.

Best of all, all works without any downtime, and the site owners need to review the service before approving it. Then, he/she can update the DNS or simply ask them to do it. to migration service

As I said before, thousands of bloggers find the self-hosted WordPress solution as the ideal way to succeed online. So, they pick the best web hosting service and then, they can start the website transfer process.

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As we all know, is not the same as the self-hosted software. Even, if things look similar in many cases, but the site functionality and limits are not the same. That needs some settings and set up options to successfully transfer the website files, including, text, images, links, and all the other content.

WordPress eCommerce website migration

When you have a business online and you want to take it to the next level with a new hosting service, you need to make sure that your website still works properly, even in the migration process. The eCommerce migration service is not the same as the standard one.

That’s because this type of sites comes with specific plugins and lots of settings and options. But also, the site needs an extra level of security.

This migration service supports all the popular solutions, such as the WordPress eCommerce, and the Woocommerce website transfers.

Convert WordPress multisite to a single site

If you want to change your WordPress multisite to a single site and extract a specific one, then, this is the recommended service for you. The WordPress multisite migration is different and needs an extra work to complete it and it’s better to choose this service. After the installation and the setup, you can ask for extra settings if you want.

TypePad to WordPress migration service

TypePad is losing lots of users each month, and that’s not a surprise if we compare it to WordPress, moving from TypePad to WordPress is not an easy job to complete. The two platforms are completely different, and even, the permalink structures are not the same.

I’ve talked earlier about how to move a TypePad blog to WordPress using the TP2WP service and it cost less if you want. But, the Fantasktic service is manual and will take care of your content. Both are good services to convert TypePad to WordPress, and you can choose the one that suit your budget.

Professional WP Engine migration

When it comes to web hosting, I always recommend WP Engine as the fastest and most optimized hosting for WordPress. But, if you want a professional WP Engine migration service that takes are of your content and site speed, then, Fantasktic is the best choice. They are experienced with that type of transfer and you can count on them.

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Synthesis hosting migration: official partner

If you want to move your existing website to this CopyBlogger hosting service, then, you can submit your setup. Next, wait for the confirmation that will never take more than 48 hours in all cases, it will take 24 hours, in my experience. All depends on the total number of migrations at a specific time.

Tips before migrating a WordPress site

The website transfer will never work without a backup copy. So, make sure that you have all your site content, as a copy saved in a safe place. I recommend to create multiple backups in different locations. It’s a good idea to send you backup to your best cloud hosting service.

At the same time save a copy in your local computer and in other locations. That will guarantee that you have a functional website’s content, even, if something wrong happens for any reason.

If you don’t have a good hosting service, then, take your time searching for the best solution that suit your business and budget needs. The faster loading time and the best customer support are the first things to look for. Then, make sure that the server is fully optimized for WordPress environment, to handle the huge HTTP requests that a regular server can’t manage properly.

The good business should be based on a good hosting, and we all know that Google started counting the site speed as a ranking factor. So, no more excuses for not hosting with a premium service that takes a business to the next level.

Test your website functionality before confirming the migration. That’s a good ways to avoid mistakes. We all human and we can miss small things for many reasons. Take a few minutes browsing your site pages and test some plugins and options.

That will help to find instant solutions, servers can be different and their settings also should be. So, make sure to verify that your site works properly.

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