How to remove “just another WordPress site” and change the blog tagline

When you install your first WordPress blog and you start looking around options and the dashboard, you will notice that your site title is “just another WordPress site”.

Lots of people like all of us who started as newbies can’t find out how to remove the title and make their blogs look professional and unique.

But, if you browse your admin area links, you will find how to create your own blog title, and even, a short description or the tagline.

In this post, I’ll show you how to change the default WordPress site title after installation. But also, I’ll show you how to update your website title from the Google search page after indexing your blog.

First, log in to your WordPress dashboard and click on “settings”, and you will get the “general settings” page, where you can delete the default site title and tagline, but also, some other basic options that you can set up, as the following screenshot.


Just Another WordPress Site


When you complete adding your blog tagline and title, click the “save changes” button. The changes will be live and you can see that your site title was changed to the new one.

Remove “just another WordPress site” from the Google index

If you’ve just changed the site tagline after some days from the installation, then, Google already crawled your blog and found its old title.

So, when people search for something on your site, they will see that default tagline, even, if you’ve updated it recently. The solution here is to resubmit your blog sitemap to Google again if you’ve done that before.

If it’s not the case, then, read how to submit a WordPress blog sitemap to Google. You will get a step by step tutorial for that.

The fastest way to tell Google about your blog changes is to submit your homepage URL manually, using the new URL inspection tool in your Google Search Console. If you’re not a user, you can create your free account with Google, and start optimizing your blog with the biggest search engine.

After verifying your account, add the homepage URL of your site in the top box and click enter.



inspect URL with Google



Basically, Google will not fetch the live URL, so, after a few seconds, click the Test live URL button. This time you need to wait extra seconds, it’s a real tie crawl from Google.


test live URL


So, after that, just click on request indexing as the following screenshot example.

request URL indexing

Googlebot will crawl your homepage and follow all its links in the next few minutes in general, if not instantly.

If the Googlebot receives lots of requests at that exact time, then, you will be added to the queue, and shortly your site will be crawled for index update.

Come back later and search for your blog on the Google search result page, and you will notice the newly updated site tagline that you’ve created.

This is the fastest and easiest method to change your site tagline and remove the default one. Most importantly, you can update your site index details when you request a new crawling from Google.

That way, you make your blog look professional without that ugly tagline, and your visitors will remember your blog easily.

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