Is Inmotion Hosting a Good or a Bad Web Hosting Provider?

Web hosting is the first thing that every blog or website needs. With thousands of companies, it becomes a little confusing to choose the best hosting among a long list. Of course, Inmotion Hosting is one of these recommended companies to host your site at the maximum speed, and at affordable and cheap prices.

I see that lots of people still browse multiple sources just to find their good hosting provider. So, In this post, I’ll show you the reasons that make this hosting the best environment.

What makes Inmotion Hosting different?

This is a business class hosting with all the features and the tools that every site needs. No matter if you want to host a blog or a complete website. But, let’s take a look at some features that make the difference.

A U.S registered company

You can ask lots of questions about the relation between the company rating, and the hosting service. But the truth is that this company is a US registered business with an AA rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and that means important things.

The company has the resources and the infrastructure to host millions of sites. They have verified customer support tested by users across the globe. In other words, this business rating means trust, professionalism, and great customer support.

SSD hosting

Unlike the other companies, Inmotion hosting offers fast SSD hosting that makes your site loads quickly, and save you lots of problems. The company uses Samsung drivers as a  powerful resource. At the same time, they offer those features for free, and you don’t need to pay any additional fees.

The difference with this host is that your site gets a speed boost, and better optimizations to handle the traffic, smoothly without issues. Thousands of site owners noticed that their sites stopped getting the 502 error messages, luckily, that’s not a problem here.


Unlimited disk space and bandwidth

The importance of this feature is simple, people need to build their sites without worrying about resources and limitations. For example, your blog works that same with a few or with thousands of visitors. The only difference is the speed of the shared server.

But when it comes to disk space and bandwidth, your account is not limited like many other providers. The best thing is that the storage space itself is SSD and that means more speed and fewer issues.

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Free site transfer with no downtime

If you look at some other companies, you will find that they don’t offer a site transfer at all, or they offer it at high prices. The difference with this hosting is not only the free migrations of all your site files and databases but also, the professional way to verify that all things work properly on the new server.

That’s what you can’t get on any other site. Just send them a support ticket or call them if you want, and an expert will transfer your blog for free from your old server.

Easy cPanel

The best thing about cPanel hosting is the easy use of all the functions and tools. But, what this host offer is the best using the simplest versions of this powerful control panel. You can manage your site files using the file manager and it’s like managing files on your local machine exactly.

No complicated dashboard or settings, and all you need to do is to use simple, but powerful tools that every site needs.

Two data centers in the U.S

Inmotion Hosting has an exclusive feature called the ”Max Speed Zone”, it’s a way to speed up your site by hosting it on the right data center. The infrastructure works on two data centers, one on the West and the other one on the East of the United States.

So, if your customers or visitor comes from this or that geographical location, you can use the appropriate data center to save lots of time. The same thing applies to international traffic, you can choose your data center, based on the countries that your site traffic comes from.

Free data backups

There is no security without a full site backup that runs automatically. That’s why this hosting offer one of the best free backup service. They save a copy of your blog on secure storage, isolated from the parent server.

When you make a mistake by deleting your site files, for example, you can restore it is one click, and that will solve lots of problems for all. Please note that this is a completely free service and you can backup and restore your sites at any time, and without any need to contact support.

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Free domain name

If you want to save some money in your hosting account, you get a free domain and even they can transfer your existing domain for free. That means no extra fees for moving your domain or creating a new one for your sites.

Other service charges in this service and that cost the double of the normal prices, But this is totally free here and included in your hosting account, you get a free domain and even they can transfer your existing domain for free.

That means no extra fees for moving your domain or creating a new one for your sites. Other companies charge for this service, but, this is totally free service here.

One-click installer

This is the most important feature, especially, for people with no experience in installing applications like WordPress and others. The auto-installer software comes with 310 applications to use with one click. You can install Joomla or WordPress in a few seconds using the famous Softaculous installer software.

Pre-installed WordPress

This is the only hosting that offers pre-installed WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop applications. So, you get a complete working site without the need for any installation or setup. But of course, you need to customize the options and the look of the site.

To get the free pre-installed applications, just check the appropriate options on the signup process.

Secure email hosting

Stop worrying about spammers who send you lots of emails with their offers and so on. The spam filter tool, scan every email that you receive and protect your site, and your email from scammers and spam senders.

Phone, ticket, and live chat support


A few hosting providers can teach their technicians how to work exactly with every situation and application. Inmotion Hosting offers professional and U.S-based customer support. They invest in their customer support department and education to make the service the best among the others.

In a few moments, you get a technician on the phone. The same thing applies to the live chat, and you can use email support if you need it. But generally, this is the best hosting for all sizes of sites.

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