Places to Find Professional WordPress Mobile Themes

The WordPress themes industry becomes larger, with thousands of designs in different marketplaces and sites, things can looks confusing for people who need professional WordPress mobile themes. So, I’ll show you the right places to find these high-quality designs for your blog, or website, without worrying about speed and settings. Just make sure to use the right colors, if you want to customize the template, and things will look pretty good.

Best sites to find mobile WordPress themes

We all know that a responsive theme can be good for all sizes of sites. But, when you need a fully custom mobile theme that was created especially for smartphones and tablets, a few sites offer the quality, and the clean coding, at the same time.

1. ThemeForest

This is the largest marketplace to find all kinds of templates, designs, and tools for websites and platforms, including, WordPress. All you have to do is to visit this page, then, browse the best items, and choose the one that suit your site needs.

There are lots of well-coded themes, and you just need to spend a few minutes testing them. Use the live preview options on every page, to get a full idea about the designs and all the related information.

The good thing about this marketplace is the quality before all. They’re one of the few sites that manually approve each theme before that it goes live for sale.

The marketplace is owned by Adobe System, the leader in the web design in the world, with millions of people. Actually, there are over 2 million members, including, designers, and website owners. You can also, browse these themes by category, prices, rating, and more.

All themes come in a zip file, So, you can download them, and then, upload and install the theme to your site easily. Every theme comes with a detailed documentation, and a step by step tutorials on how to make things works as your needs.

Of course, these are a premium WordPress themes that integrates with all desktop themes. You can adjust the theme settings from the control panel. Also, these themes appear automatically by detecting mobile devices, or, you can offer a mobile and desktop links, to switch the theme on every page.

To give you an example of these designs, I’ve selected the top 2 seller items with more than 1000 sales. At the same time, I’ve used the best ratings to make sure that all these themes are reviewed by lots of customers, who already installed and activated these products, and most importantly, who ‘re happy with their new mobile templates. Look at the below examples.

  • Metro

Mobile WordPress Theme


  • My Mobile Page

My Mobile Page

 2. WP Touch

This is a great WordPress plugin to build your own themes. There are no complicated things to do, like the setup or the options, but, you need to use one of the default themes or, create a new mobile theme from scratch.

It’s an optimized tool for speed and SEO, So, the design will be fully built with the latest practices. Another good thing is that the plugin is compatible with all the themes and plugins.

This theme builder plugins comes with lots of extensions to add. At the same time, the tool works for desktop also if you want. That means more flexibility and options when organizing and customizing the designs and the layout.

If you take a look at some themes examples, you will find them similar to the JetPack themes from WordPress, but, they’re professional and includes a full control panel with a long list of options, and settings to use. In other words, this is a plugin that lets you build powerful, optimized mobile friendly themes in a matter of minutes, without any coding knowledge.

These are the trusted places that I recommend for serious WordPress users who need professional, easy to customize, and optimized mobile themes for their sites and blogs. You can use any one of them, but, remember that you need to clear your site cache after activating the theme, to apply the new theme that will appear on mobile devices.

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