Easy Way to Compress and GZip WordPress on Apache Servers

I’ve talked many times about how to optimize WordPress for speed and make it work better by applying some basic tips. However, in many cases, poor server configurations and settings won’t allow you to compress your blog or site, using the Gzip method that Google recommends.

It’s just an add-on that should be installed and you can enable the functions with a single click. But, when you can’t see any way to Gzip WordPress, then, you have to use an easy plugin, and this is what this post talks about.

WordPress Gzip compression with a plugin

There is a great plugin called Gzip Ninja Speed, and it’s an easy to install and activate tool, without any settings or options to edit. Just activate the plugins and it will starts compressing all your site files automatically.

You will find the plugin’s link on the left menu in the WordPress dashboard. It’s just to make sure that all works properly, see if the plugin is enabled or not.

Compress and GZip WordPress

Then, you can see the box if it’s checked or not. But remember, there are no options to edit, and that’s a good thing for all users. It’s a tool that will start working from the activation.

You will notice a boost on your site speed and performances, especially, when you have lots of content and images that makes WordPress loads slowly, and works in a poorly optimized environment.

The best things about this free plugin is the small size of its file. That means a better performance without affecting any function on the site. However, this method works on Apache servers only.

Every page views needs a request from the web browser to the server. That means thousands of HTTP requests with lots of resources and options that WordPress uses. That all  adds more hard work for the server, and the result is simply, a slow loading time and lots of problems that result in a bad user experience. No one wants to stay on a website that loads in 30 seconds or more.

To optimize WordPress for more speed, make sure that you upload compressed images. It’s better to use a medium, or small size of images if you need to use them.

If you’re hosting your website on a shared server, you need to understand that the limited resources will affect the speed directly, if the server is not well configured. There is no way to host on shared hosting without downtimes.

If you look for some providers, I’ll recommend Inmotion Hosting that offers a professional business hosting with free SSD servers. Thus, you get the best-shared hosting with exclusive free, fast, and secure server, and that’s what every site needs.

On the other side, if you want the best of the best, I recommend a fully optimized and managed hosting for WordPress, it’s called WP Engine and it’s a premium hosting provider. It’s the fastest in the world and you can use it if you want to take your site speed to the next level, with all the security and optimizations.

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