How to Find the Organic Traffic Data in Google Analytics Dashboard

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When you build a website or a blog, Google Analytics is your best friend in terms of data and optimization. The tool helps a lot, especially in online marketing, however, sometimes it looks confusing and complicated. For that reason, I’ll show you how to find the organic traffic report in your Google Analytics account. This is how to find the organic search traffic in Google analytics.

With that report, you can see the visits coming from Google, Bing and other search engines.

Search traffic reports in Google Analytics

To begin, login to your Google Analytics dashboard, then, from the right menu area, find Acquisition and click on it.

Google Analytics dashboard

Next, you’ll see a sub-menu, click on All traffic and then Channels:

traffic channels

The traffic channels give you a clear idea about organic search, select traffic, direct and social traffic. From that, you can click on Organic Search and you’ll get all the details.

Organic Search tab

To go further, and display the data by a specific search engine, you can use the appropriate tab, under Primary Dimension, choose Source as the next screenshot.

Primary dimension

As you can see, you can filter that traffic data from Google, Bing, Yahoo or many others.

Keep in mind that you can include any new search engine to the organic visits tab. You can do that in your admin settings.

If you need traffic by pages, you can also, use the landing page tab. The same thing applies to keywords, you can see the most important keywords bringing search traffic to your website. Of course, by default Google show you the data, in descending order and that’s better.

That way, you get in-depth analysis about the visitors of your website coming from Google. What terms they use to find your website pages, how much time they spend on every page and what’s the average bounce rate.

Notes for accurate analytics

Sometimes, when your site traffic grows, the spam traffic grows as well. There are spam sites out here using techniques to show you wrong data analytics just to attract your intention and visit their sites. In the end, you’ll find that they ‘re scammers in the majority of cases.

To get rid of that spam traffic data, I highly recommend excluding bot traffic from your report. You can do that by going to the admin option on the bottom, then, use the third tab from left to right to choose view settings. Finally, check the bot filtering options. That way, you easily exclude known spiders traffic visits.

I hope this easy tutorial helped if you have questions or suggestions for better analysis, share them in your comment.

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