How to Update ThemeForest WordPress Themes Automatically

When you buy themes from ThemeForest, you get all the files to adjust or even customize the theme files as you need. But when it comes to updates, you should be able to get that feature automatically if you follow these easy steps.

Codecanyon, which is the official plugins marketplace, offers a great plugin that lets you update your theme in real-time when the theme seller realizes the new version. All, you have to do, is installing the Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin.

The plugins check for regular updates and it scans your whole website directory for every theme or plugin that needs updating from the Envato market in general. That includes.

When a new version is available, you don’t have to download it as the old method. The new updating method creates a backup of your theme and then, you get the new files installed automatically in the old theme. That way, even if something is wrong like the style or another, you still have the working theme and you can just use it when you need.

To use the plugins, you need to add your Envato API key, you can find the plugins link after activation between Comments and Appearance in your WordPress admin area as below.

Update ThemeForest WordPress Themes
To get your API key, log in to your ThemeForest or Codecanyon account, and click your profile link, find the Settings option.
Themeforest API Key
The final step is to click the API Keys link and you should be able to use the default key or simply generate a new one if you want.

Of course, you need to save the changes by clicking the ”Save Settings” button and everything will be working.

To find your old theme after the updates, log in to cPanel or any other server management tool and you can see the theme backup under the WP-content directory, then find ”Envato-backups” that should save the files there.

In a few cases, people can get errors or invalid settings, that’s not the plugins issue, but the server settings, make sure that your web hosting providers allow you to install the plugins and other tools. If for any reason, you get a file permission error, set the permission to 777 and then change it back to 755 in your file manager.

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ThemeForest themes are the best in quality and also in Prices, they are cheap compared to the Genesis products and others. At the same time, you can customize the designs because every theme comes with a powerful control panel and lots of options.

The marketplace offers lots of tools like plugins and design files, the 8 different sites offer everything that a webmaster needs. Also, web designers and bloggers can use what they need in a few clicks. That’s why people love the website and use their amazing products. After all, you get the best customer support and professional support.

Please make sure to avoid using any plugin that you don’t trust, of course, a simple scan help, but you need to ensure the protection of your blog and not try any files even if it’s free. Many sites got hacked because they have used those tools and you can make your site secure by protecting it from hidden codes.

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