Top 3 Free Plagiarism Checker Tools Online

Writing a good article and content, in general, is the most important step to rank in search engines, and look professional. But, if you don’t have the original content, no one will trust your website or posts.

That’s why using any free plagiarism checker online is the best way to avoid duplicate content. The same thing applies to freelancers and website owners who need quality content.

Today, I’ll show you the best plagiarism checker tools that you can use instantly, and get complete proofreading at the same time.

Best free plagiarism checker tools

1. Grammarly

If you have a Grammarly account, you get a free plagiarism tool included in your writing and editing subscription. Of course, you don’t have to pay for that software, but, it needs a premium account. Please note that this online software is the number one proofreading and spelling tool.

It’s a trusted tool that millions of people are using. Teachers, students, and professional writers check their text for duplicated content, and I recommend this online software because I’m using it for years, and find it the best one.

This is the best plagiarism checker for students, teachers, and all the people who look for unique content and want to protect themselves from big mistakes.

Unlike any other tool, this is the only place to get plagiarism and proofreading, at the same time. So, you only pay for the premium spelling and editing, and not for the amazing duplicate content finder tool.

The main features of this professional software are.

  • Powerful plagiarism checking
  • Complete proofreading
  • Over 250 grammar points to check
  • Spell checking
  • Punctuation checking
  • Verb correction and suggest

With one click, the application checks your document and scans the huge database that stores over 8 billion web pages, to find every single sentence that you should modify. Every section of the text that was published on the web will be highlighted, and that way, you can see what you need to edit to make it 100% original.

2. Small SEO Tools

This is a good and also, a free plagiarism checking tool. I recommend it for people who have well-edited text, and who don’t need any proofreading.

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Of course, you should be able to write and spend hours correcting your document, to avoid errors. But, it can’t do that, then, it’s better to go with the above tool for a complete check for your writing and duplicate content, at the same time.

As this is a free tool, the owners add advertisements and that’s why their page loads slowly, and it can kill the experience, and offer a bad checking. Also, you have a limited number of words to check for every search.

There are 1500 words per single search. The online tool divides your text into sections, and then, it compares every sentence to the web database with the help of Google SERP.

3. Copyscape

Copyscape lets you check documents if they’re online. So, if you want to make a plagiarism check for a text that’s not yet published, then, use the above tools because you need to buy credits in order to use this website for checking, or uploading your text.

This is popular web-based software that scans the web for every new page and compares phrases with the Google search result page and the indexed pages. The quality of their checking is really great, but, expect a few mistakes from time to time. There is no perfect software that finds every new page on the web.

What about the other tools?

Of course, you can find lots of tools to use, but, when you try their services, and especially, the way to check the text, you will notice a big difference with the above websites.

Personally, I’ve never found a problem with the 3 above tools that work differently. But, the common point is that they work in the end depending on the level of checking and the result.

To check for plagiarism, you don’t have to waste your time with useless tools. Instead of that, focus on one of the recommended sites above and save your time.

If for any reason, you have doubts about a specific paragraph, or even, a sentence and you want to ensure its quality, you can paste it in the Google search, and you will be able to find results if it’s it was published.

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You can also, search for the article title if you want, and that will save you time. Google returns the results with the exact title, and the advanced search options can help also.

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