How to hide the WordPress author and username in URL

How to Hide the WordPress Author Username in URL for Security

There are many ways to protect your WordPress website and make it secure. But, when¬†people want to find your top-secret details like the username and the password, your strategy should be different, and stronger than they expect. The WordPress admin username can be displayed on the author’s URL, and that’s what you should protect. So, … Read this

Reasons to add your Site to Google Search Console

6 Reasons to Add your Website to Google Search Console

For many reasons including, SEO and Traffic, people add their sites to the Google webmaster tools. That’s good for all, but, there are other reasons to do that, and you will get an idea about that in this post. Google is not only the biggest search engine but, the biggest source of quality traffic for … Read this

What’s the Best Source of Traffic for your Blog? Tips and Warnings

Driving traffic is the only way to make a website live and working as you want. Everything starts with visitors and nothing else can bring sales and conversions. Depending on your business and resources, there is no one source of traffic that you can use and guarantee the best results. Furthermore, people are talking about … Read this

How to Speed Up a Website

7 Actions to Speed up your Website and Make it Load Super Fast

No matter what platform or application you’re using for your website, speed is more important than any other time before. Don’t just think about your website ranking in Google and the other search engines. But also, you have to think about your readers who spend the time on your web pages. The problem is that … Read this

What makes a blog successeful

What Makes a Blog Professional, Successful and Profitable

If you take a look at these WordPress facts post, you will find that millions of bloggers are posting on WordPress. More people are creating new blogs, however a small percentage of them succeed, and that’s because of their professionalism, effort, and the profitability of their website second. You can build thousands of posts, but … Read this