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7 Blogging Tips for every Beginner in 2019 that will Save Time and Effort

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No matter if you have a few hours per day or you have a full free time during the day, you still have the ability to build your own blog, create good quality content and succeed online. That’s easy Huh? But when you think about all the web hosting and server things, you’ll discover new ideas and issues that no one told you about. If you add the content creation and everything else, the whole thing becomes a little hard to realize and see the light of success.

Today, I’m going to show you some of the most important blogging tips that beginners need in these days; take a look, apply the recommendations, avoid the mistakes and you’ll be happy with your blog.

Build a better blog by following these tips

1. You don’t need to post daily

Nowadays, people have the ability to publish multiple articles per day, some are following tips from people who believe in that strategy. And others are trying to test everything to find the best way to go with.

Posting on a daily basis was the bright idea of blogging, but later people found that the quality will be affected with multiple posts per day. Even if you’ve a team, you still need to time to proofread each post and make it looks professional as you can. Of course, nothing is easy when it comes to WordPress management and web hosting things, but, every problem can be with the right tools.

The frequency of posting is not important as the quality of the content, you can write thousands of posts on every topic, but no one will find them. Instead, focus on good content, and post once per week at minimum, that’s an easy solution without the stress and long scheduling issues. But when you neglect the site for weeks, it becomes an issue in the beginning, and then, a huge mistake later, you should never post after a month or so.

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2. Keep it simple

Forget all the long stories and article about designing attractive blogs with Java Scripts and animations, that’s not the right way to go with. Coding is an art, but also, a hard work and optimizations, however, millions of sites are full of junk codes and over used tools that slow down the site and make the user experience even worse.

I’ve learned with my own experience that users, visitors, member or call them as you want perfect, easy to read content, but with clean design. The web is full of ads and banners, and you can help people with your simple, but professional blog layout and design.

3. The server is your best friend

Don’t just install and use the app on any server, that way, you’ll waste the time and the money as well, it’s a complete strategy that starts from the server configuration and settings, to the caching system and the CDN. You’ve to have a fully optimized server that handle the traffic smoothly with any problem and case.

Blogging Tips for every Beginner

There are a couple of well optimized hosting services for WordPress, but you can get your blog hosted on a secure SSD server like the Inmotion Hosting infrastructure that I recommend for shared hosting. By the way, Trustiko readers get a 47% WordPress hosting discount and a free domain name with amazing customer support.

4. Take your blog loading time seriously

Installing dozens of plugins and lots of tools is not the right way to start a blog, furthermore, it you’ll find problems without an end. Instead of all that, focus on your main tools that you should install and configure, as an example, the Jet Pack plugins comes with a long list of old at once, So, you can combine all of them and best of all, you ‘re using a single plugin;

You don’t need a CDN service unless you have lots of images and large size of data to share. You have to compress your images one by one before the upload, or install any of the compressing WordPress plugins to optimize images for speed.

Installs caching plugin like W3 total Cache, or install your own server caching system, especially with varnish, it’s great and well configured for amazing performance.

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5. Avoid writing long paragraphs

If you want to have your own blog style, go ahead and work hard, but please forget the long lines and paragraphs that make reading harder for people. Don’ just compare things and ask questions about popular sites, they’ve their own strategy and platform.

So, make sure to write short, but easy to read and informative paragraphs with clear structure and useful links. You’ll have the first level of optimization that’s free, easy and you can do it yourself without any help. Then, start building the content and driving traffic in the long-term.

6. Stop over-using images

I saw this case with fashion and food blogs especially, in the majority of cases, bloggers are beginners and have no idea about HTML, CSS and coding. So, they just think about the visual content and add as many images as they can, even without thinking about the site speed. Later, everything will stop working, or, in the best situations, the site will load in minutes and not seconds.

If that’s the case, then, the site will be nothing in a short period of time. That’s because of the nature of your content, you’re not building a photo sharing platform, but a blog or website, and keep in mind that search engines can’t read your Pictures, So, you’ll just make a content with HTML codes more than text.

7. Have real patience

The time of building a blog or a website and getting organic traffic in days is over, you need months and hope that you can achieve your goals. The content creation is not easy, and that takes a lot of time. If you add the index issues and crawling updates, you’ll need 6 months or so, to have a website with lots of information and articles.

During that time, forget monetization and focus on content only, things will come naturally without wasting your time, but please write on topics that people are searching for, and not just wring posts like a news website. Good Luck.

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