These are the top WordPress plugins for professional use, they secure your blog and make daily backups. That way, you have the time managing things and you’ll avoid big problems when you lose the data for any reason. However, nothing can work properly without the right server configurations and setup, for that, I recommend reading these fastest WordPress hosting companies, they have the best infrastructure in the world with fast customer support.

Best WordPress plugins

Security Pro: This is a complete security, backup, and monitoring plugin, it protects your site from malware and virus and creates a scheduled backup like a pro. This awesome tool updates all the plugins and themes automatically and it forces the update if something is wrong with one of your files. The backup is automatic, and the customer support is always there for helping or answering questions.

Top WordPress Plugins

Velocity Page: The easiest way to build your own WordPress pages in a few clicks, this is the best WYSIWYG plugin that lets you create and modify your theme from the page itself, you don’t need any admin settings, all you have to do is visit the page that you want to edit or add content to it, drag and drop your options and the modifications, and layouts will be applied instantly.

Soliloquy: The most advanced and optimized responsive jQuery slider plugin, it comes with thumbnails and SEO friendly structure, in my personal experience, I’ve  never used a plugin that can be better than this one.  There are lots of add-ons such as the Pinterest pin it button for slides, Instagram ad-don, featured content slider, dynamic slider, custom CSS and more.

SEO by Yoast: This is the only SEO plugin that works, unlike many others who still believe on old factors that Google stopped using, this one suggests the exact modifications and show what things to correct and optimize for better ranking, that’s without talking about the professional customer support and services from Yoast, such as the website SEO review service. This plugin is used by the majority of the popular high-traffic blogs and sites.

Optin Monster: The perfect email list building plugins, it lets you capture leads and multiply your newsletter sign ups by just using it. It comes with six different option types, Lightbox Popup, Canvas Popup, After Post-Widget, After Post-Widget, Slick Slide-in and Sidebar Widget box. The plugins built for a maximum speed and loading time, and it never affects the site performances with a well-coded file and clean structure.

LinkTrackr: This is the most powerful link cloaking and tracking plugin, it’s used by all the big marketer that you see on the web. The plugin offers lots of options to customize the link structure and make it looks beautiful but also to track every single click and shows you detailed statistics and what you need to add or edit to make your links work better.

SeedProd: The ideal “coming soon” WordPress plugin, this is the only tool that you need when building your site and thinking about visitors, who see your “under construction page”. They can subscribe by email, or join your social accounts or see the professional countdown template that no other plugin make it better. In other words, it’s the only recommended “coming soon” plugin.

MonsterInsights: This is the only sales tracking system for WordPress that shows the sales reports in your Google Analytics dashboard. It’s more than a plugin, but the real sales optimizer tool that shows you how your customers are doing on your sales pages and much more.

Post-Connector: Not another plugin can work like this one, first, it’s created by one of the most trusted SEO experts in WordPress especially, second. It links your posts and offers lots of options to edit and customize everything in your post links, this plugin is known for improving the post rankings through the logical linking method.

Genesis Extender: This is the most used customizer tool for Genesis child theme, it lets you add your own customizations and make your site look better as you want. At the same time, it’s recommended to see the Dynamic website builder plugin, that works the same as this tool but for all the themes.