Is Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting (Aabaco) Good for your Website?

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If you never tried any hosting provider, then, Yahoo small business Aabaco may look good for you, right? They offer very cheap services and they supposed to be a large company as Yahoo. However, it looks like the same way Yahoo failed in search engine, their web hosting business is not even suitable for all. (The best, or the worst, it depends on everyone’s need and understanding of server limits.

So, if you’re willing to start a website with Yahoo, then, think twice before destroying your business. You’ll waste the time and money with services that do nothing more than promises.

Supposed to be a friendly small business hosting

Unfortunately, it’s too far away from being a good hosting that a business owner can trust. Basically, Yahoo offers different plans for online retailers and small blogs. You can search and browse their different packages and you’ll come up with nothing than commercial promises in the end.

Keep it simple as this, if you want a one-page website like Weebly or Wix, then, Yahoo may look good. But, with Weebly at least, you can get a custom domain without paying for web hosting.

On the other side, if you need a WordPress hosting, then, Yahoo is not the right place. Their first plan comes with basic HTML site needs, and frankly, they’re outdated compared to other providers. As Google outranked Yahoo in the search engine business, web hosting companies like iPage, and GoDaddy are also outranking Aabaco in terms of quality, features, and services.

Lots of beginners with no idea about server speed and customer support used GoDaddy and rate it as slow sometimes. But when they try Aabaco, they find the small shared plan by GoDaddy looks like a dedicated server of Yahoo’s Aabaco.

The speed is the first problem, you can’t expect anything good with a slow server and missed optimizations of caching and performance.

What an online business needs is the best uptime, at least, 99.9% and fast customer support with affordable prices. Unfortunately, Yahoo offers nothing real of all that. The Aabaco hosting has more down times than what you may think. And even if you contact the customer support, wait hours and hope to get an assist.

Customer support

If you really want to get instant assistance and help, Aabaco is not for you. Even to get an htaccess file configuration, you’ll be overwhelmed and no one there explains what they do and what you need exactly. For blogging, Yahoo’s Aabaco hosting is not even worth the small investment. If you think that using other plans for WordPress will solve the problem, then, try it and you’ll find more problems than useful hosting and resources.

Aabaco customer feedback

eCommerce solutions

Without a doubt, WordPress, PrestaShop, and Magento are one of the best software to build online stores. All of these applications are completely for free and they come with hundreds of customizations. Unlike these tools, Yahoo offers a basic 10 pages maximum website hosting with nothing more than Weebly hosting plus a domain name. So, forget their first two plans as they never work well for any small business. You can get cheaper and better quality hosting with other services.

Aabaco is not offering cPanel, so, there is no way to follow the online tutorials to solve your hosting problems. What you get is their custom control panel that a few people are talking about. Keep that in mind and you’ll save a lot of time searching for ways to fix your site error messages and server problems.

Do you really need freebies?

Everyone who is professional is looking for quality hosting, of course, if there are some free services, that will be better. But what if you get services that you don’t even need. If you really care about your business, you should never use any so-called SEO tools with web hosting. These services, submit your website to hundreds of low quality directories to get spam links at the end.

SEO is not that way, you can install a simple plugin with WordPress that helps you to correct mistakes. It helps to make your website more user and search engine friendly.

For advertising credits, you’ll get them only when you spend at least $50 or something like that. It’s just a way to attract new customers and you should be aware of all that.

Also, think about this, as a website owner, you build the pages, add photos, optimize the product design and your site is working well. But one day, because of any violation of bandwidth or usage, your site goes down and unfortunately, there is no way to handle the traffic spikes with Yahoo. So, you’ll lose your site reputation (I don’t think their hosting quality builds a reputation by the way, but, if it does) and every downtime costs money these days.

GoDaddy or Aabaco small business?

Even, if Yahoo uses the term “small business” to attract more customers who sell products, it’s not suitable in terms of speed and features. Compared to Aabaco, GoDaddy is a more professional web hosting. With GoDaddy, you get at least one website hosted with up to 30 GB of disk space and that’s enough to store your images, files, and even video if you want. All that costs $2.49 per month and they let you pay per month or per year.


Please take a look at the above table to find the features that GoDaddy offers better than Yahoo. Additionally, GoDaddy is the biggest domain name registrar and you can count on their support and business.

But wait, Aabaco is not that bad

Yes, you can use Aabaco for hosting a simple website with a few pages. But don’t compare your website speed and configurations with professionals. In the end, you get what you pay for and that’s clear.

Aabaco offers a shopping cart and PayPal integrations with all the needs. They generated millions of dollars in eCommerce, however, you can get better services with other companies.


All in all, there are more customer complaints about the Yahoo’s Aabaco hosting more than positive feedbacks. If you want to take the risk, then go with Aabaco, you get a basic web hosting and everything you got as problems and configurations is your own.

On the other side, if you need a quality hosting that’s better, faster and friendly, then, use InMotion Hosting. I tried InMotion for years and I know what quality they offer for small businesses. Everything as support is professional by phone, live chat and also emails. Unlike Yahoo, InMotion has SSD powered servers which mean faster website speed and of course, they offer complete eCommerce integration with SSL, PCI compliance and more.

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