Top 7 Best Premium Antivirus Software List with Free Trials

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Internet security becomes a serious problem these days. With millions of computers and users, things need a real intention. On the other side, you can protect yourself, your children, and your computer easily. Online threats cause millions of dollars to companies and small business owners. So, you need a great antivirus software with internet security suite.

Today, I’ll list the best antivirus software that you can download for free without credit card or payment. Best of all, you can get free trials to test and use the software.

Antivirus software trials

1. Kaspersky (the best)

Kaspersky is the best paid Antivirus protection tool for millions of people around the World. The giant company invested a lot of time and money to build sophisticated programs and algorithms that work fast, and better than any other competitor for multi devices.


If I have one single recommendation, it would be choosing this Antivirus trial for a full month to test the services. In a matter of seconds, it will start scanning your PC or Mac for hidden files that no other program can even detect, then, it combines dozens of algorithms in their cloud servers to understand the threats and compare the data with what they have in real time. Next, you’ll get a clean computer without wasting your time with useless tools that find only a small percentage f online threats.

2. BullGuard

This is one of the best internet security and antivirus software in the market. Additionally, it’s an award-winning technology with multiple protection layers. The good news is that you get a 5 GB of free backup in their cloud infrastructure. That way, you keep all your documents, photos, and videos safe. The system offers an easy parental control to keep your children safe from cyberbullying and online threats.

The antivirus protects you from unwanted foreign language spam and scams. Furthermore, the software comes with a PC TuneUP that cleans your computer from junk files you don’t need.

If you like online games, you’ll enjoy what you’re doing. That’s because the software scans your computer without affecting its performance and CPU usage. Even, you’ll never find a difference in terms of speed even when you turn the antivirus ON while you play games online.

The software comes with the ability to backup your PC or Mac directly into Dropbox. So, you keep every file safe in DropBox with a copy.

The company offers a free 60-day free trial. So, download the software and try it before purchasing.

3. Norton

Norton is the best Antivirus and Cyberbullying protection at the same time. In reality, you’ll save a lot of time teaching your children how to protect their devices online. The software comes with the top security scanning and analyzing.

The greatest feature is the free Norton WiFi Privacy App. It’s a free VPN service that the company offers to protect everyone who connects through a WiFi network. The public WiFi access lets you be exposed to hacks and online threats.

Best Antivirus Software with Free Trials

The Norton advanced anti-virus works for your PC, Mac, Smartphone, and Tablet. Also, it supports iOS, Android, and Windows operating system. So, you protect all your devices at once and there are no worries about synchronization.

The Norton online backup service offers 25 GB of storage to backup your files. Also, the software protects your identity, browsing, and everything else.

You can download the Norton security and antivirus software for free as a trial without any credit card. Then, try the software and see how it works. They offer a great mobile security and antivirus app for Android and also, for iOS.

The main features of this software are the following:

  • Locate a stolen or lost smartphone or tablets
  • Avoid and block unsafe website and links
  • Antispyware
  • Antimalware
  • Sam protection
  • AntiAdware
  • Email protection
  • Social media links scanning and protection
  • Recovery booting tools
  • Power saver settings
  • Free support by phone, live chat, and also by emails.


ESET is a company that offers antivirus protection solutions. They have years of experience and they have lots of solutions to keep your PC, Mac and Android devices safe and secure. The software comes with:

  • Anti-phishing
  • Exploit Blocker
  • Anti-Theft
  • Botnet protection
  • Parental control
  • Personal firewall and much more.

Also, the internet security software offers protection for mobile devices, protection for Linux, Windows, and iOS.

The software comes with Gamer ON mode, so, you can enjoy playing online and stay protected. The company offers free antivirus trials for individuals, and also, they offer free trials for businesses.

5. AVG

AVG is a complete antivirus, internet security and also a PC TuneUP software. It’s known especially for their great PC cleaning and optimizing tool. In parallel with the antivirus protection, the company offers a free Tune UP tool that scans your machine and makes it faster. It’s the most powerful PC cleaner software in the market.

AVG PC Tune Up

You can download the free software. Then, run it on your computer and make everything secure and safe. Unlike the other antivirus software, this one works faster. It’s well optimized for better performance and faster CPU.

AVG Antivirus

There are lots of reviews about it and this is one of the top antivirus software in the world. So, you secure your internet browsing by installing it. Also, it offers advanced security for all your devices.

6. Panda

This is a great antivirus with minimal impact on your PC. Indeed, the software works faster than before, and it scans and detects every threat in your machine. The software works for PC and Mac also.

With this great software, you can play only with total security. The software offers the best antivirus protection for parents, children, and everyone. That’s because of their powerful technology that finds more threats than the other software.

7. Avast

With more than 400 million downloads, Avast antivirus software is popular and trusted. This is one of the top rated antivirus software in the world. Additionally, the software works for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

The greatest feature is the new cloud scanning function. Indeed, Avast antivirus uploads your files to their cloud scanning infrastructure. Next, the virus scan happens in their cloud system and not on your computer. That way, you’ll save a lot of CPU performance and also you’ll speed up your computer.

That’s a great feature, as you’ll avoid making your system slower with deep scan.

Also, the CyberCapture is the function that captures unknown files from your computer and sends them for scanning. The scan happens in the Avast Threat Labs. That way, you keep your PC or Mac safe, and running faster.

These are few of the antivirus software features:

  • Antivirus and Anti-malware
  • Powerful home network security
  • Browser Cleanup: The software scans and clean your web browser from spam toolbars and extensions
  • Safe Zone browser
  • Firewall…


Download one of the above-recommended antivirus software with free trials, you’ll make your PC, Mac, Android, iPhone and all the home devices secure and faster. If you used any other trusted premium Antivirus with trials, and you want to recommend it, contact me. I’ll add other trusted antivirus software to this list later.

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