Best eCommerce Platform for Small Business

It’s not easy to start an online store and succeed without a strong website, and reliable web hosting. Of course, nothing will be fine without great products that people love, and are ready to buy. Luckily, there are a few good companies that can help you succeed, without wasting your time, with website design and hosting.

Today, we will talk about the best eCommerce platform for small businesses. It comes with free web hosting for your store. All you have to do is to create your account and start using their beautiful and professional templates to build your store and start selling online.

BigCommerce is the best eCommerce software for small businesses. They are not only the best eCommerce website builder and hosting, but also, they are the most popular company in the eCommerce world today. They’re ranked number one in the world in the online commerce solutions

That means millions of visitors per month to your store as well. And the majority of these people are entrepreneurs and investors, who want to take their business to the next level without risks.

Top-rated eCommerce platform

Unlike the other store builder tools, BigCommerce is the easiest one to understand. Even if you’ve never built a website before, your online store will be working in a few clicks, and without any technical knowledge.

Build your online store

You don’t have to look for web hosting providers, simply, because you get free sore web hosting with a secure and fast server. Best of all, you get a free CDN that other companies require to pay them for it. In other words, this is the best website hosting solution for small businesses.

The company offers different levels of services. For example, you can start with the standard plan, or use the enterprise eCommerce solutions if you have a big project.

Integration with Alibaba, eBay, and more

This is the real secret behind the success of millionaires. They use the right tools to find wholesale suppliers. Then, they add their products and make money. You don’t have to worry about all that, BigCommerce has partnered with the biggest online shopping websites including eBay and Alibaba.

eCommerce platform with unlimited products

This is the only company that lets you sell unlimited products for all their plans. I’ve searched for a similar feature, and I only found a small company with low traffic that offers that but with limited resources.

Other companies limit your sales, and even, hidden fees. So, when you want to add other products, you will be surprised with an error message saying that you should upgrade your plan.

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Luckily, you can host and sell unlimited products with BigCommerce. If you have thousands of T-Shirts, for example, you can sell them with any plan without hidden fees.

BigCommerce is the best-hosted eCommerce platform without a real competitor. I highly recommend them for entrepreneurs who want to succeed with less effort, but with big dreams.

Free store web hosting and CDN

If you search for some popular companies to find an eCommerce web hosting plan, you will find that their prices range from $7 to $35 per month. However, BigCommerce offers a professional eCommerce website hosting with unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited disk space. That’s to make sure that your store is always running properly, even with high traffic.

I’ve received some eCommerce reviews reporting faster loading time with this platform, compared to the others. One of these reviews was sent from someone who used Shopify in the past, and he found BigCommerce faster and better. You will get the best eCommerce website builder and hosting solutions, at once.

Also, you get a free CDN (Content Delivery Network) that you should pay for normally. The normal CDN prices range from $9 to hundreds of dollars every month. But, you get a better CDN and faster loading time for your store without any additional cost.

Your eCommerce website will get a faster loading time, because of the multiple servers around the world. Your visitors get your web pages from the nearest location to them. That will save some seconds, and help your store to rank better in search engines.

The faster your website is, the more chances to get a good result from Google. And your customers will enjoy browsing your products and seeing your images at high-speed.

Other companies play with the storage space, and offer unlimited storage, just to attract customers. But, you get real unlimited hosting.

If you have a domain name, and you just want to use it with them, then, it’s easy to do that with a few clicks. But, if you want BigCommerce to register a new domain name for you, you will get it for free.

Best optimized and hosted eCommerce platform

BigCommerce is the perfect solution for your eCommerce SEO, it makes everything optimized by default. You can customize your search engine data, and add lots of features including:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Titles
  • Keywords
  • Custom data
  • ALT tags, and more.

That will save you lots of money with eCommerce SEO optimization services that take your money for nothing. But, you get everything included in your new system, and your product pages will be ready for web crawlers to find and index better.

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BigCommerce is not only the best SEO eCommerce platform but also, the only company that cares about your online store. Also, you can use the built-in review system, it makes things better.

Product reviews

Hundreds of premium and free themes

BigCommerce has the best eCommerce website templates, you will find a long list of themes. Just use the search option, and you will get free, or paid templates to choose from.

My advice here is to understand that all the BigCommerce themes are built, based, on psychological studies. They never create any type of theme that other companies sell.

eCommerce platform for small business

A good theme should help your customers to enjoy the website and stay browsing your products longer. Colors, for example, can affect your business, and that needs a big work to create a balance between the store type, colors, layout, and design in general.

The best part is that you can customize your theme if you want, and change colors based on your needs. With a few clicks, you can change the links and buttons’ colors.

Customizable online store

Mobile eCommerce optimized templates

Today, millions of mobile buyers visit web stores every day, to find their best products. So, you should think about that. The more you optimize your website layout and function to mobile devices, the more sales you will make.

This is what you get, a fully mobile-optimized website store. That’s what no other hosted eCommerce platform offers professionally. Also, all the BigCommerce plans come with commerce shopping cart solutions. Thus, your customers can buy on the go, without problems.

Analyze your products and sales

The BigCommerce eCommerce software solution offers an advanced analytics system. You will find how your products are working, and you see behind the scenes. That will give you great ideas, and show you the customer psychology to adapt your products and optimize them for more sales.

eCommerce software solution

You can see all your customer behavior, and their contact information, and even, what type of products they like. The best part is that you can create groups of your customers based on their purchase, location, and more.

A free blogging platform to stay connected with your customers

As I said before, a blog is the best way to post updates and turn your actual visitors into returning customers. At the same time, a blog post can rank well in search engines, and bring you lots of sales in the long-term plan.

Other eCommerce platforms will never care about that, and they only want your money. But, BigCommerce cares about your business and they have been online for years and have long experience with customer innovation. They give you a great blogging platform to create and publish articles, updates and stay connected with your customers.

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Affordable Prices

BigCommerce is the only cheapest eCommerce platform that doesn’t hide fees like the others. For $29 per month, you get a fully functional store with top security protection, hosted for free with a CDN. Best of all, you get unlimited hosting resources.

Other store builders will never offer you such a professional CDN, hosting, and features. At the same time, you start your business in good hands. They have great and fast US customer support, available 7/24  for all the plans.

Professional eCommerce POS

There are hundreds of e-commerce sites switching to BigCommerce every month. That’s simply because they are losing their business with the others. Furthermore, they found this POS system powerful and better than the others.

They found that their BigCommerce plan will sky-rocket their earnings, without additional payments. People get exclusive services that only a big eCommerce hosting platform like BigCommerce can offer proudly.

The iPad point of sale system integrates all your retail business in one single place, and you can manage your sales and products from it. Your products and orders will be automatically synchronized. That solves many problems that other poor-quality eCommerce hosting platforms still have.

Over 60 eCommerce payment gateways

From credit cards and PayPal to other payment solutions, you have the option to select your preferred payment gateways. Then, offer your customers a large choice to pay with over 60 solutions available worldwide. You get a free SSL certificate to protect your customer’s transactions online and give them a real security solution.

Lots of applications

If you want to extend the functionality of your website, then, the BigCommerce app store offers a large selection of advanced applications for marketing. That includes Mailchimp emails, SEO optimization, live chat software, social logging, and hundreds of others. It’s the complete eCommerce solution that puts all the tools in the same place.

BigCommerce eCommerce software

Final word

BigCommerce is the only recommended solution for online stores and eCommerce businesses. It makes everything better in terms of professionalism, speed, hosting, support, and everything else.

If you want to use other eCommerce-hosted software, you will just waste your time and money. But if you really want to be a successful business owner, then, use this amazing platform and say goodbye to problems and start generating sales.

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