Best SSH Web Hosting Service: Reliable and Affordable

If you’re looking for a good SSH web hosting that lets you store data securely without issues, and get full access to run command lines or manage your data the way you want. Then, you might find some service providers who offer these features.

However, a few, if, not no one of them will offer professional business hosting services, with advanced security and free daily backups like InMotion web hosting.

Well, all their plans come with free solid-state drives and SSH access. It’s the ideal web hosting for business owners, bloggers, developers, and everyone who needs the quality, the speed, and the performances. That’s without forgetting cheap prices and the reliable hosting that suits your needs.

Fast and reliable SSH web hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the few hosting providers with fast servers, and the only ones who offer the Max Speed Zone. It’s a way to choose between the West or the East data center locations in the US.

The result is a faster loading time, even if your site receives a huge number of visitors. It works with all the hosting services, like blogs, e-commerce websites, business sites, and much more.

At the sign-up process, you will notice the option to choose the best data center location for your website. If the majority of visits come from the West, then, select it as your Max Speed Zone. If it’s from the East, select it and give your site an extra boost of speed. All that is offered for free, and that’s a good thing if you compare this trusted web hosting to other services, without that feature.

Web Hosting with SSH Access

I’ve tried other services and all of them charge an extra fee for the backups, HostGator for example, creates a free backup, but when you want to restore it, you should pay $19 for that. Luckily, Inmotion Hosting offers backup and restore for free. So, no worries about your data and files.

Free SSD

This powerful SSH hosting is using a powerful Samsung SSD drive. It’s a 1 Tb SSD that will not only speed up any website or application, but also give better performance for file storage and the exchange between the server, and the web browser.

Their servers are configured with an advanced caching system and non-volatile batteries. That will save the cache of your work if a power problem happens. Then, when you come back, you will find the same cached version as it was before the power loss.

That’s what protects your data, even in big natural problems that no one can avoid. The solid-state drives make things professional and protected from the beginning to the end.

Best SSH web hosting service

SSH Access

Not all the cPanel hosting providers allow full SSH access, InMotion Hosting solves that problem and lets developers access their preferred development language such as PHP, Perl, Python, and all the others.

You can manage your codes and test them using the command line quickly, monitor logs. And the best thing is that all your data is encrypted. So, no one can intercept it when you develop, or in the real live working mode.

Secure hosting

I’m not talking about security only, that’s a thing that every server should have. But, I’m talking about the professional way that this cheap web hosting provider uses to manage their infrastructure, without letting spammers use the server resources and cause downtimes. That’s what happens with many other shared hosting providers.

Inmotion hosting limits the number of databases for the first two plans, to avoid getting users who run thousands of sites to spam the web. The third plan, which is the professional one, comes with unlimited hosting.

So, you can host unlimited sites with unlimited databases and much more. That’s why the response time of their servers is the fastest among the other shared environments.

 InmotionHosting data center Team

All the plans come with a free website builder. So, newbies who won’t install WordPress, for example, can easily create their own websites using a drop and drag option that make life easier. If you need WordPress or any other open-source application for your blog hosting, you can check that option in the sign-up process, and it will be automatically installed.

Best web hosting with SSH

This SSD hosting is not only fast, secure, and affordable, but also, easy to use, compared to others. The cPanel that we all enjoy working with comes with lots of applications. This is the best Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress hosting, based on performance, and price.

Low-cost web hosting should never mean low quality. I see that this hosting company used the best formula to make a balance between the quality and the price.

InMotion Hosting compared to other services offer also powerful VPS, and dedicated servers with good prices and fast customer support, to help and solve the issue if something wrong happens. It’s the best web hosting for small businesses that let people install their sites or move them easily without any issue.

Best of all, they offer a free website migration service for all the new customers. Thus, you can transfer your blog or site for free, and with no downtime, and get a free new domain name, or a free transfer of your existing domain.

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