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Best WordPress Exit Popup Plugin to Increase your List of Subscribers

To build a big email list in WordPress, people need years of hard work creating articles and promoting them. But sometimes, webmasters forget that with a simple tool, they can double their list of subscribers in a short period of time, and that’s what create a successful website or blog.

One of the smartest ways to get more email subscribers is to add an exit pop-up option to your site. Then, when visitors want to close the tab and leave your site, they get a pop-up notification showing a special message.

That message can be asking them to subscribe, or similar ideas. The cheapest and professional plugin that offers that option is WPSubscribers. It’s a complete pop-up system that works well with all the WordPress themes.

This premium plugin lets you add a beautiful lightbox pop up, to capt emails and add opt-in boxes where you want in the sidebar, after the post, or, in the footer. Best of all, it’s fully customizable and lets you create an HTML exit pop-ups with images, and even, videos if you want.

It’s the only tool that contains all the subscription ways to get more subscribers and boost your  email marketing list faster.

WordPress exit Popup pluginThe HTML option lets you attract more intention to that exit pop-up and offer an eBook, for example, or a special product that helps your readers. It works with all the popular email marketing services, such as Aweber and MailChimp.

WordPress Exit Popup plugin

Do you really need this plugin?

This is not only a good exit pop-up WordPress plugin, but, it comes with lots of other opt-in forms. This load generation plugin lets you add a subscription option to your visitors when they want to comment.

The best thing, is that the plugin will subscribe your blog registered members, automatically on the sign up process. You don’t have to ask them to subscribe, simply, they will be added automatically to your list.

If you want to let Facebook users connect to your site using their profiles, the plugin will subscribe them to your mailing list, and that’s a great feature. So, you get new subscribers when they login with their Facebook accounts. This method work well when you have a special offer, a discount, or promotion to highlight.

I recommend creating a notification that tells people about the subscription. It’s better to get real subscribers who are interested in your content and not just a list of numbers.

WP Subscribers is the best exit pop-up plugin for WordPress that adds your visitor’s name and email automatically in the subscription box. So, they don’t need to write them manually. The plugin scans the visitor’s browser for his name and email, and then, it adds them to the opt-in form.

If you want to hide content for the not subscribed visitors, then, the plugin lets you do that in a few simple clicks. You can add a description box in the middle of the post or, where you want, and ask people to subscribe to your email list in order to view the next paragraphs. It’s an effective way to build your list, especially, with story articles that makes people wants to read more.

WP Subscribers was tested with multiple WordPress sites and it increased the number of subscribers by 350%, and even, 700% with well designed HTML pop up with an attractive offer. This can be a solution if you’re not getting visits to your website who still active. At least you will offer the user to singup for your newsletter when he wants to leave and that will help.

However, you need to use this email pop-up WordPress plugin with moderation. Even, if it lets you create a complete cascade of exit pop-ups, you should think about your visitors. You can easily lose visitors if you create multiple pop-ups. Just use a single one that’s well designed with the right information and call to action phrase, and you will be happy.

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