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Business Plan Mistakes to Avoid and Build a Successful Project

To create a business online, you have to spend time to create a good and a professional plan. It’s your way to understand things and win the challenges, especially, in your first steps. If you want to create a project, but with many business plan errors, then you will affect your business strategy and make things even more difficult to manage.

The business plan itself should be prepared for your real business size and needs, and you’re the only one who can understand that based on your needs. Our topic today will be the most common business plan mistakes to avoid, and how to protect your business from those errors.

Common business plan mistakes

Forgetting that a business plan needs time

As I said many times earlier, a business plan is a way to make things clear from the beginning and to see how your project will grow. It’s like a stimulation to see your future, at the other side, a business plan itself is not a goal, as I see, many times people take their business plan by the wrong way.

They apply exactly what they’ve prepared, but they forget that the plan should be flexible and changeable if any problem happens. This is why spending the necessary time with your plan is a way to succeed the business in general.

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If you want to build your plan in a few hours, you will skip and neglect big details and steps that you should think about. So, make sure to prepare yourself for hard searches and ask people how to solve problems before it happens. Focus on your business and never compare yourself with others who create a different plan. All that take a hard work and consuming time.

Copying the others

You don’t need to copy other business plans made especially for different business. What works for marketing services for example, won’t necessary works for a software product. You should separate yourself from the others and build your own way. At the same time, think about those thousands of plans published on the web, are they really for you? And even ask yourself, can they really stay works now?

What worked in the last decade will never work in 2015 using the same old methods. Keep in mind that no one in this world would share his exact plan and the exact strategy with people.

Every business needs its secret ways to succeed, if they keep some important step secrets and even unknown, then the business plan itself will be broken  and never work for you. So, forget those copied plans and create your own one that suit your business and your case.

Using outdated research and statistics

The easiest way to find how the market works or other related topics is browsing the web and search some details and researches. But, people forget to verify the publication date for article they find, this is an important step to follow.

Statistics and academic research are based on the society, and we see that the global nations, and their lives were changed in the last years. Statistics are outdated now, and you should find the one that reflect the actual situation.

Make sure to use the Google advanced search option to be able to refine your results, this is a great method to get the exact results and the time that you want for your search.

Wrong organized plan and skipped steps

Think about the way to understand a plan and compare it with a map. If you include steps that are non linked in your plan, then you will make things hard to understand. At the same time you will create non wanted problems in your project management way.

Your plan should be organized logically and by importance. The marketing steps should prepare after a good and targeted market research, your research defines how your marketing strategy will be and how to interact with it.

To understand your plan and correct your mistakes, start by reading it, then make sure to find a link between the actual step and the others. If you see that steps are skipped, then you should rebuild that plan section to be able to find a relation between the steps. This seems a secondary work sometimes, In reality it’s the most important task to do.

Think about a company that makes cars, and imagine the complicated steps and mechanical chain to build each piece, that’s the same logic for your business, a strong business should be built based on a clear and logical steps followed by applying them in the right way.

Very detailed plan

This seems a right way for   many, but it’s really what will make things take the wrong ways. The business plan is a complete steps to follow, but not a scenario to read. You have to understand that things like value and price can be changed overnight, and you should keep the plan steps independent from those details, if you wish to include them.

You can add a notice or some points, but never include them as detailed calculation and steps to follow. That will waste your time and cost you more energy that you don’t need, and will make your plan complicated than normal.

Poor market research

You should be objective and focus on your exact market, this can be done after a long and real market research that take real-time and not a few paragraphs. The more the market was studied, the more you will be objective.

If you’re working with special market, then you should work in-depth and not just see the looks of your target people. Follow their traditions and daily living if needed, you will find many details and  information that you can’t imagine. You will conclude great ideas and add the right decisions for your business.

business plan mistakes to avoid

Your plan is just a way, keep thinks target and clear, your market is the place where you will play your “business game”, and you should understand your limits, and your competitors as it should be.

A general market research will never show you the real size of your goals, and you will make wrong decisions if you use the wrong numbers. So, spend the time needed to look inside your business market and how the business will be tomorrow. Compare your conclusions with your competitors and things will be fine for you.

If you will sell products for women and with a range of age 20-25 for example, you will need a specific research for that exact market. Women marketing is different from men, and you should find different ways to make your marketing strategy built, especially, for women in that age.

The more you will understand that, the better your marketing will be specific, targeted and even yo will save money in the future. Targeted marketing cost less and bring better results than the old and general marketing ways.


To conclude, to be able to build a strong project, you have to avoid some common business plan errors. Spend time studying your business, and find what will make you different from competitors. Never copy and past the others, everyone builds its own method? At the same time you have to update the research results that you use, and create a real market research to make steps clear and logical.

I hope that the above ideas will help you to avoid problems in your business plan, and succeed your business as the main goal for every entrepreneur. Please add your own tips in your comment, this will be really helpful for all of us.

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