Can you Really Know Who Views your Facebook Profile?

There is a lot of confusion these days about whether or not Facebook shares the detail about a friend or even visitor who see someone’s profile. The problem becomes serious with malicious apps and software claiming they can use the Facebook API to collect data about your profile visits and things like that.

The truth is this, Facebook does not provide any information about who has visited your profile. It’s one of their terms and everyone agreed to that before creating an account.

Facebook as a social network uses your data for its own benefit. For example, Facebook generates millions of dollars in ad revenue by showing the right advertisement to the right people interested in them. So, when you add interest to your profile, the website will use that data to filter their huge database of advertisements and who the relevant ads you might click on.

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In the past years, many organizations claimed that Facebook is using the user’s data to make social experiments and conclude the results. Even some said that the company works with universities to test different psychological treatments using emotions and things like that.

Does Facebook know who is looking at your profile?

The answer is yes, Facebook knows the exact name and account details of the person who visits your profile and even click on links. That’s part of its own analytics data that helps the company to understand more what people do.

However, that data is their secret, and you can’t, unfortunately, find the username or ID of the people who come to your profile. So, forget the so-called Facebook visits taking apps and tools that never work.

Be careful with every site claiming the same promises. They simply install adware or virus on your computer. Then, they track your activity and show you spam ads that you don’t want or even know about. Adware programs install hidden software on your browser and computer. Then, they kill your machine with spam and videos. The result is a slow laptop full of malware and exposed to serious safety and privacy risks all the time.

What about using the page source code?

That doesn’t work, there are lots of tutorials about finding the Facebook profile visits using the page’s source code. Facebook is a mega-company with thousands of engineers and data specialists. Do you think that they are stupid to let anyone access such private data using the simple technique? Of course No.

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When you see the source code of your Facebook profile, you will see other data. That includes things like the friend with whom you have conversations or those you followed recently. All in all, that has nothing to do with visits coming to your profile. It’s just a way to waste your time with tools and extensions that do nothing like a job other than wasting your time and offering fake promises.

I hope you found this information helpful, don’t forget to share this page with your friends, lets them know the truth about a person who sees their accounts and what they can get as reports. It’s not like the old days when anyone can sign up for online tools and get nothing as services. when you know that Facebook’s internal traffic or visit from a profile to another is only visible to the Facebook team, you’ll know your rights and what you should do to keep your data secure.

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