Can you Search for Someone on Tinder?

Can you search and find a specific person on Tinder? And what do you need to see if someone has a Tinder account or not? In fact, many search techniques can help, but most of them bring out-of-date information. That’s why, in this guide, you’ll find the limitations of finding the specific names and people on Tinder and what you can do to view their hidden profiles, so, keep reading.

By default, Tinder allows users to find a specific person using his or her name but only if they’re matched. This means if that same person liked your Tinder profile and you also swiped right when viewing their profile photo, then, Yes, in this case, you can easily type the name of that user in the search box and find their specific profile.

On the other hand, if the person you want to find on Tinder is not in your match list, then, this simple technique won’t work, however, you may use the following search options to find them. So, you search people on Tinder if they’re in your match list, otherwise, you need to use other options to uncover their profile without joining that site.

Finding a specific person on Tinder

If you don’t use dating apps that often, then, you may have doubts like many others, you may ask yourself, can I search for someone on Tinder? The short answer is Yes, and you have many options to search Tinder directly or indirectly through third-party tools. However, remember that we’re searching for a profile that could be existing or not, and thus, don’t assume someone has a hidden profile on Tinder when he doesn’t even know about it.

In other words, this is just a way to search for something through the Internet, and when there is no suspicious activity behind your partner or friend, then, it’s better to trust them and forget about being anxious always.

We’re in the age of technology, so, you can search for someone on Tinder by name, phone number, or email and even get what they have as profiles on other hookup sites. But of course, that should work for many platforms and apps and not all of them. Thus, it’s not that hard to use a good sophisticated people search engine and type the name of the person you like to find on Tinder and view the search results.

Third-party tools

This is the best way to search for someone on Tinder without registration or signup, all you need is the first name, plus the last name, or username of that person. But if you have their email address and other details, that could make things easier, and the search faster. So, here are the details that you can use to search for someone online and find their accounts on sites like Tinder and other apps.

By phone number

Here we’re not talking about finding someone on Tinder by phone number directly, there is no function on their site. But when you use advanced algorithms, you can perform a Tinder search by phone number indirectly. That means, you can search and find social media accounts and dating profiles, and if Tinder is found on that reverse phone number search, then, it could be there in the search report.

As a tip here to find someone’s Tinder profile by phone number, don’t rely on the main number, instead, look for other contact numbers that the guy or girl uses, that should be the ones they used to sign up for the site. Also, don’t expect someone to use his or her main cell phone number to create a Tinder account, Instead, see if they have other numbers they use and view if they have accounts with the help of the reverse lookup search engines.

By email

If you know the email address of someone, you can search it on third-party search tools and find associated Tinder accounts online. That does not mean the Tinder site only but all the other sites and apps in one place. Hence, searching for someone’s Tinder profile is possible when you see what the person uses as a username in their email ID.

That happens a lot and many users on Tinder type their username exactly as their Gmail ID like “[email protected]”. So, when you search their party tools for that “someone” that you already found on their email address, you could easily see the accounts they hide online.

By username

It’s not that complicated to know that when someone has a Facebook account, he could also be using Instagram and other networks with the same username. Consequently, by making a shortlist of these usernames that someone uses on their social accounts, you can uncover their accounts on people search tools and find more details. If there is a hidden profile on LinkedIn, you may view it, and if there is any account on Tinder, you may discover it with a visible username.

On search engines

This may be not clear as it should be, lots of people don’t even know about this search trick, do you know that you can search Google for someone’s Tinder account? Yes, that’s true, Tinder is not blocking crawl and index of pages on their list of user profiles. That means when you search for a name, or username followed by the word “” through Google, the search engine lists all the possible profiles on that given name or username. Here’s an example:

Searching a Tinder user on Google

As you can see from that screenshot, I tried to search for someone’s name on Tinder with the help of Google, and guess what? It turned out to be found on the site with a clear username. That’s not all, but also, I found the Instagram account and even other pages about that person. Thus, it’s possible to search Tinder through Google and find users by their names, username, or other details.

Swipe right on Tinder

This means that you can find people when you swipe right, which is accepting or liking their profiles. So, it’s not a one-minute search but that will need days or even more on daily swiping. So, I don’t personally recommend spending time swiping people’s profiles on Tinder unless you used all the other options and you still need to find that secret account.

If he’s your husband or boyfriend, create a temporary account using a different name and number. Then, limit the search to your smallest geographical location to find him faster. After that, make sure you dedicate a minute or two daily to swipe right and don’t do it fast because you may skip his hidden profile when he uses a different photo.

Search Tinder with swiping

To get most of this technique, it’s better to use the “Age Range” filter to find Tinder profiles. Just slide the filter a little bit to include the age range you expect from the person to be interested in the dating app.

Also, there is the option to set the “Maximum Distance” which will show you the profiles from the radial search that does not exceed the number of Miles you configured. This technique works better for small cities where there are few thousands of residents. So, it could be easier to find the guy or lady on the site by swiping.

With this last method, you can search for people on Tinder, but that will take a lot of time, instead, use other options if you need to locate someone’s accounts faster.


When you search for someone on Tinder, these options can help a lot and save time. But what I recommend is always use the search options that make the difference, and in this case, it’s the third-party search tools. That should solve many issues when searching Tinder for users and because these tools have a huge database, the chance of finding the associated profile is higher.

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