Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers of 2023

Starting a blog and choosing a fully managed WordPress hosting should take the speed of your site page loading time to the next level. But once you neglect the fact that not all WordPress web hosts are optimized for performance, speed and security, you’ll end up with issues. Because there are hundreds of companies that … Read this

Best CDN service providers

Top 10 Best CDN Service Providers

To speed up a website, a blog, or any web content like videos and images, you need a great content delivery network or CDN, simply. That reduces the loading time and makes the user experience better. In the end, the speed of any website will help to get a better ranking, because Google started counting … Read this

10 web hosting plans that you can pay monthly

10 Best Web Hosting Plans that you Can Pay Monthly

Nowadays, many WordPress hosting providers offer monthly payments. So, it’s better for those who want to see how things work without paying the full year upfront. But it’s not always easy to find a good web host that lets you pay on a monthly basis and get all the professional tools that yearly hosting accounts … Read this

Best web hosts for WordPress bloggers

Best Web Hosting Service Providers for Bloggers in 2023

What is the best web host for blogging in 2023? Is there any web hosting provider that offers good support, themes, and backups for bloggers? Choosing the best hosting platform for your site can take minutes if you follow the right recommendation and tips. But if you neglect the fact that every blogging platform or web … Read this

Types of DDoS attacks and how to stop them

Types of DDoS Attacks and How to Stop Them

DDoS attacks are becoming more and more common as time goes on. It used to be where only the most skilled hackers could pull off such vicious attacks. Nowadays, anybody with malicious intent and a service can perform a DDoS attack. With the increased accessibility to attack software, smaller businesses have more to worry about. … Read this

enable the checkbox in database table rows

How to Enable the Checkbox in Database Table Rows using PHPMyAdmin

Sometimes, problems with the database happen especially if you’re a beginner. That happened to me once with a WordPress database that looked broken in some tables. So, when I wanted to check a table and export or edit it, or even remove it, there was no option at all. Even, the checkbox was missing. If … Read this