How to move a WordPress website to another domain and keep SEO

How to Move a WordPress Website to Another Domain and Keep SEO

Lots of business owners and bloggers find themselves in the need to move their WordPress websites to a new domain that they own. That’s good news if they have a clear rebranding strategy to take their businesses to the next level. But when things come to SEO and ranking, people can be confused about the migration … Read this

Risks of using nulled WordPress themes

What are Nulled WordPress Themes? And Why they are Risky?

There is no doubt that building a trusted website starts with a good theme or template. It’s the first thing that every blogger and business owner should look for even before web hosting and technical things. I saw lots of problems with nulled themes that beginners installed, and today, I’ll show you the risks for … Read this

Does WordPress export include images?

Does WordPress export include theme, images, ​and database?

If you come access tutorials or step by step guide, you may find the WordPress export feature. It lets’ you export different types of data from your blog with a simple file in .xml format. The problem here is that lots of bloggers, especially beginners expect to find everything in that file that they can restore on any other … Read this

moving a WordPress blog post to another page

How to Move a WordPress Blog Post to Another Page

If you’re one of those who wants to move a blog post to another page in WordPress, you will find it confusing if you’re a beginner. Of course, everything should be built professionally on your website, in order to get the intention from search engines. Today, I’ll show you the easy step by step method … Read this

How to change WordPress file permissions

How to Change WordPress File Permissions in cPanel

Want to change the WordPress file permissions? And you found a problem and you need to fix it with that file edit? So, keep reading, I’ll show you how to update the file permissions easily using cPanel or FTP. Sometimes, things seem complicated when you are a newbie to any domain, especially, the WordPress world. One … Read this