Best AMP plugins for WordPress

Best AMP plugins for WordPress websites

Google AMP becomes one of the hottest topics in the blogging world, it started attracting more webmasters with the time and you need to do the same. However, don’t forget that many tools offering Google AMP integration with WordPress are causing errors and lots of wrong HTML and CSS errors. For that reason, I’ve tested all … Read this

Unable to add links in WordPress

Unable to Add Links in WordPress Posts or Pages? here is How to Fix it

If you’ve just upgraded WordPress, or, in other cases, you’ve upgraded plugins or themes, and you see that you can’t add links in your visual editor. Then, you will be able to fix the issue today. The WordPress post visual editor is not the cause, but, a plugin or theme, in general. Fixing the link insertion problem in … Read this

Buy and Install a WordPress Theme

How to Buy and Install a WordPress Theme: step by step tutorial

Want to buy and install a good WordPress theme? And you need a high-quality design to build a good blog or website? So, keep reading, I’ll show you how to find a good theme and install it for WordPress. Installing WordPress themes is not a hard job if you follow my step by step tutorial. But … Read this

Websites to Buy Premium WordPress Themes

Best Websites to Buy Premium WordPress Themes for your Blog

WordPress dominates up to 30% of the world’s websites and blogs. It becomes the most popular blogging platform and a powerful content management system that works with any niche. At the same time, it’s not easy to find the good premium WordPress themes that you need with high quality and advanced features. You can find thousands … Read this

Install a WordPress Theme

How to Install a WordPress Theme in Step by Step

Creating a WordPress website takes a few minutes, even if you’re a newbie. You can just follow a clear tutorial and it’s done. However, to install a WordPress theme, you need to have two options, the first one is from the dashboard, in this case, the theme must be in a ZIP format, and the second … Read this