Count the Number of Words in a Cell for OpenOffice

How to Count the Number of Words in a Cell for Open Office

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Thousands of people search for lots of data and they export details to Microsoft Excel or Open Office, which is the best alternative right now, and best of all, it’s free and you can use it easily. We’ve seen lots of issues with organizing data and one of the biggest problems is how to count the number of words in a cell for Calc, or Open Office that uses that type of data.

So, today, I’ll show you how to do that in your software in a simple step by step tutorial. That’s the easiest way  to avoid mistakes when you’re a beginner, especially.

If you’re a blogger, a marketer, or a standard statistics and data searcher, you already know that organizing your spreadsheet information is the key to succeed. If you have thousands of words, phrase, or nouns, and you want to make things clear. Then, you need to count the number of words for each single cell in your data copy.

I suppose that you already found some formula and you’ve applied them. But, no one of them worked, or you get some errors. That’s because of the wrong formulas that people post on forums, and blogs. The problem is that the majority of them are built for excel, or other spreadsheets.

The Open Office or Calc formula is easy and simple, it’s on the following line.

=IF(LEN(TRIM(A1))=0;0;LEN(TRIM(A1))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1;" ";""))+1) 

This easy formula counts the number of words in the left column of cells. So, you need to create an empty column at the right of the one that you want to work on it.

Add the above formula to your Open Office function box and hit the enter button. But, to make things clear, you need to create a new column just after the column that you want to count the number of words for its cells.

Add the formula and copy the content for all the other cells. So, you apply the same thing for the entire column. It’s like working with the regular excel tool, but this time, you’re working with other software. So, don’t make things complicated, just apply the same steps when you want to copy a formula for the full column.

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Watch the following video, it’s about some AdWords advertising campaign, and we want to count the number of words for a full column.

Please remember, when you add the formula to the first cell at the top of the column, it will count the words in that exact cell only. So, you need to copy the formula for all the other cells in the same column.

To do that, you need to start by licking the corner of that cell, then, scroll the cursor down until you complete the full column, then, the system will work properly.

I hope this open office word count fix helped to solve your problems. You can subscribe for exclusive content and updates to help you succeed your business projects and work.

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