Hide WordPress Theme Name from the Source Code

In many cases, WordPress users want to hide their theme name from the source code that anyone can get in their browsers. At the same, they should remove or change the theme directory and info, to ensure total security and protection from hackers and spammers. But also, that’s useful to make sure the clients don’t know what themes freelancers or web agencies used to build their sites for one reason, most clients do not appreciate the hard work behind customizing a WordPress theme from ThemeForest or using a builder plugin like Divi or others.

In addition, for security reasons, the WordPress platform is popular and known for massive attacks, don’t worry about that if you have updated plugins and themes. But, you can stay all day getting updates from your theme authors. So, you need to protect your blog or site from people who want your WordPress version and your theme details.

A WordPress Plugin that Hides your theme name

The good news is that you can use the Hide My WP plugin to hide your theme details from the source code. But also, to hide the entire “themes” directory from users and anyone else, without admin access. By doing these two easy steps, you’re protecting your themes from hackers, and no one can access these files. That’s just the beginning.

We all know that WordPress is a PHP and MySQL-based software. So, there is no security, if you’re not protecting your PHP files, and that can let hackers access your database info from there, and you know what will happen later.

The “style.css” file in your theme folder is one of the files that people want to use to find your blog theme details. So, they want to hide it for many reasons, some of them will think they should hide their design structure, and others want to give themselves more security.

No matter what the reason, you can hide your theme details from the style sheet file (style.css), and that’s a good job.

This premium WordPress Plugin changed the way that site owners think about security. It hides the wp-admin area from not trusted users. That will save you lots of time searching for solutions on how to hide your admin directory and other sensitive parts.

The best part is that this trusted tool will isolate your executable PHP files from external sources, and make them safe. Even if something wrong happens in your plugins or themes folder, there are no worries about security. That’s simply because the only door, which is the “PHP” , is closed and protected.

Hide WordPress Theme

As you can see, you can hide the WordPress theme name from clients, if you want more security in dangerous environments, such as eCommerce websites or others.

Also, this top-rated WordPress security plugin hides the “wp-login.php” page and makes it “Not found”. Of course, you get your own login page URL that will be coded, and no other users can get it, or even, think about its structure.

You are the only one who knows your WordPress login URL, and that way, you will upgrade your website security to the next level.

The majority of newbies save their default login usernames and URLs that hackers love. That’s why lots of them got hacked for that reason. This plugin works on that and makes things hard to access.

Hide your WordPress plugins and theme directories

The “plugins” directory can be dangerous for your site, especially, if you’re using untreated ones. Spammers who create free plugins can easily modify your blog files because they know your plugins folder by default. But, the Hide My WP plugin hides the entire WordPress plugins directory, and no one except you can access it using the private destination URL.

So, no worries about plugin attacks. Your folder will be secret, and the plugin’s “PHP” files will be protected from unwanted executions. The plugins will make your blog platform secret, and no one will know that you’re using WordPress if you really want that for extra protection.

Hide WordPress Theme from Source Code

If you want to create custom permalinks and modify the default ones, then, you can use this plugin. It makes things easy to manage with a few simple clicks. At the same time, you can export and import the plugin settings, and that’s important when you want to move your site to another hosting service.

Furthermore, you get instant notification when someone wants to find information about your theme and folders. Even more, you get its location, name, and IP address if they are known. So, you will know who wants to hack your site, and you can easily protect yourself.

Like any other premium WordPress plugin, this one comes with a control panel, and you can manage and configure your settings. If you want to hide or remove a specific directory or information, you can just check these options, and the plugin will work automatically.

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