How to Find Error Log in cPanel

cPanel is the easiest way to manage the website files and all the options, but when you need to verify what happens like error messages and not found pages, Only the latest error log options can help. So, I’ll show you how to find that error log history in your cPanel easily. Then, you can make the changes and correct problems based on the nature of those errors and what they’re talking about.

Firstly, login to cPanel, then, find the Error log icon as the below screenshot.

how to find error log in cpanel

Then, you will get all the problems with error messages in the last 24 hours, So, you can find the exact time when the problems start and with helpful information.

To get the most benefits from this log history, you need to look inside that file and find the locations that caused the problem. For example, you can see the directory that caused a not found problem. In this case, it’s simple to browse the same directory and look if the file exists or not. In the majority of cases, you will find that these messages give a correct information about the problem, It’s like giving you the full list of the latest problems in your server and site.

Please note that if you’re hosting your blog or site on a shared environment, you need to verify with your hosting provider if the problem persists and you can’t find a solution. A server migrations process cause lots of these error messages and even some unknown errors that you can’t find their origin.

The best thing is the time and the IP addresses with every error on your server. Thus, you can see the exact message that appeared when a user with a specific IP address visited your site. Make sure to check these IPs, that can give you an idea about the situation. IF you see that all your site error comes from the same source which is the same IP, then, make sure to verify that IP. I can be a hacker who tries to access your site and people can apply thousand of methods to achieve their goals. To find more information about a specific IP your log file, use any of the free tools for the IP lookup services. Just enter the IP and you will get all the related information like the geographical location and even the owner in many cases.

The error log options can help running your site correctly, but remember that you need to check it from time to time to see what’s happening on your site. Of course, you need to see an empty file if your site is working properly, however, some errors can be a result of the browser itself and that’ not a problem if you find a few of them.

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