How to Find Someone’s TikTok through Instagram

Finding someone’s TikTok account through Instagram is not that complicated if you follow some tips and tricks. In fact, TikTok offers multiple ways to log in and sign up for new users, and one of these options is their existing social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and of course, IG. So, in today’s guide, I’ll show you how you can easily find a specific person on TikTok using his or her details on Instagram.

Adding people from Instagram to TikTok

Previously, there was an option to log in or sign up for TikTok accounts using the Instagram option. But it looks like the feature has been removed for unknown reasons. Maybe, Instagram is trying to avoid losing users to TikTok as that has become a huge platform for video sharing and advertising.

In other words, if Instagram made that block, it’s probably because they are afraid of competing with another huge social app, which is the case.

On the other side, there is an option to login into Instagram by Facebook, phone number, email or Google, and even Twitter. So, to find a specific person on TikTok using their details on Instagram, follow these methods:

Search their Instagram username

These search tools have powerful search systems that can track users on social media and find them through usernames. So, when you look up someone’s Instagram username, you may find his account on TikTok in a few seconds. However, that may take longer if that Instagram user uses a different username on the other social media platforms.

For now, make sure you try these tools and just copy and paste the username of the person you find on Instagram. Then add that to sites like Google or TikTok directly. Next, search and look for the profile that has the same username that you searched for. This is the fastest way to find people on TikTok from Instagram, Facebook, and other accounts.

If you want to use Google, for example, to find people’s accounts on TikTok, then apply the next search filter:


You need to replace that Instagram username with the correct one. Thus, the search engine finds the TikTok user that has been indexed on that IG username. Ensure that you add the quotes as that example to exclude other details. Otherwise, you won’t find that specific username but similar ones.

Use the name behind their IG

Do you know the name of that person on Instagram? And you need to find him or her on TikTok? So, here is how to do that. First, ask yourself if the name that your friend (or someone else) is using on Instagram is his real one or just a nickname. Then, take note of all of them to increase your chances of finding the associated profile on TikTok. 

After that, use regular search engines and start with Google to search for the specific name you found on Instagram. But make sure you use the following search filter as an example:

James OR his OR nickname OR abbreviation

By doing that, we tell Google that we need to find someone with that name or nickname on only. As a result, we save time searching for hundreds, if not thousands, of pages with no valuable information on the exact user we wanted to find there. So, try that and change the name to the right one you can see on the person’s Instagram profile or the page URL.

Find them on Facebook, then, TikTok

This should work most of the time. It’s simple, and it won’t take a long time, like searching for details and others. All you have to do is add your friends on Instagram through Facebook in the first step. But if you already did it, that’s great. It’s like the old way to login from a different social account.

Next, you’ll have the option to add the same friend but this time from Facebook to TikTok. In other words, you’re trying to find someone you’re friends with on Instagram, to your TikTok list of friends, but indirectly.

Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, there is a lot of data that the site searches about users. Now, by importing your list of friends into Facebook, that could show you their hidden contact details like numbers or details.

By using the details you find about these people on Facebook, you can directly search for them on TikTok, or get their account URL using third-party tools.

Do you have other information to search with?

Sometimes, using the username won’t show you the exact account on TikTok. Also, searching for a guy’s name may not return any profile for many reasons. The TikTok site can block specific accounts from being crawled by search engines because the user did that or because of technical issues. So, when you should locate people on TikTok, you can use other details about them such as contact numbers, emails, or even pictures.

By doing an extra search for people on Google, you still have the option to find other contact numbers or addresses. Then, type that newly uncovered information and search through it. That could take hours of searching, but who knows? You may find the same person’s accounts on many sites and get their emails, etc…

People create many accounts on social media sites, and that’s not for businesses. But also for individuals. So, even with a list of social apps available in the USA or other places, you can search for the person you want to find. Then, if other sites know about the exact URL on TikTok, you should be able to see it on the Internet.


Finding people’s accounts on TikTok using their Instagram is very useful. But without their username or name, the search will be harder. Hence, it’s also a good idea to start importing your list of contacts from IG to Facebook, and then from Facebook to TikTok to find them. 

Meanwhile, search engines can show more details about social media users. And by typing their names or other contact information, there is always a chance to get their profiles.

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