Why is InMotion Hosting the Best Dedicated Server in Los Angeles?

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There are a large number of web hosting sites and the majority of them are giving their clients a fulfilled hosting result. When you need to produce business from your website, then, selecting the right host, becomes a critical step to consider.

Usually, you need to choose one by considering your needs and requirements. But, unfortunately, if your necessities are not up to the mark, I can’t recommend you one.

But if you require effective gear from a solid accomplice, then it’d be my pleasure to help you all to select the best one. While picking a web host, simply look at the quality of services and business sector reputation of that company. This is the most important step while choosing a specific organization.

Furthermore, if we speak especially about “Dedicated Server Hosting” then you must need to consider a couple of more imperative points.

So, before moving ahead, let us understand the dedicated server hosting first.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A Dedicated Server is generally required for a website that may build up a lot of activity, for instance, a web page that must handle up to 25 million hits in a day.

Web hosting providers state that the utilization of a dedicated server on their premises spares Internet connection, router, security framework, and things like networking cost.

This is an ultimate of web hosting and it needs an abnormal state of specialized ability for creating and keeping up a dedicated server.

Additionally, we use them, where we require more bandwidth to transfer any data and to run a program on any framework.

Best Dedicated Server hosting in Los Angles

There are a number of well known Dedicated Hosting providers. But, out of them all, I found InMotion Hosting is the best one.

InMotion Hosting has a very advanced dedicated hosting infrastructure, with highly qualified support staff. They provide a 24×7 technical support and also a great 99.9% server uptime. You can read, our InMotion Hosting review for more details.

They offer the best elite machine with each of their Dedicated Servers. Not only this, but they also understand your requirements and work hard to deliver the most memorable client experiences.

Below you can find the information about their offerings and how they endeavor to give you the best low-cost dedicated hosting.

Of course, there is a lot of reviews about the Inmotion Hosting dedicated servers, people are recommending the service for years and they are happy.

Best Dedicated Server in Los Angeles

InMotion Hosting: Intro & Los Angeles Connection

InMotion Hosting is the first web hosting company based in Los Angeles. It’s a representative claimed business that has gladly worked in Los Angeles since 2001. Their office is the main center for their technical support, marketing, and executive Staff departments.

They cherish Los Angeles and have faith in saving its magnificence for future eras to appreciate. That is the main reason, why they offer, Green Web Hosting in Los Angeles.

Also, it effectively adds to the Los Angeles tech-group having been an introducing support of Word Camp LA from 2009.

Their Linux supported Dedicated Servers absolutely fits the precise needs of any business enterprises, as they provide both single and dual processor servers with FREE SSDs. It gives their customers a versatile, adaptable and dependable choice in Los Angeles.

Their exclusively dedicated servers with highly experienced technical staff proactively screen your server and configure customized features.

Advantages of InMotion Dedicated Server Hosting

InMotion offers a wide range of packages for you to browse. Their dedicated servers are designed to meet your particular business necessities for execution, network, adaptability, and unwavering quality.

Each of their plans comes with cPanel and Web Hosting Manager. This helps you to manage your accounts from an easy user interface.

They have all the types of tools to cover the majority of your hosting requirements and this entire thing works together to save you money.

Other Advantages:

Location: InMotion Hosting server is situated in a secured area network with a customized data center.

Data Centers provides an ideal condition for the servers to keep running them at greatest execution, under safe observation. Also, it will help to reduce the cost of managing it.

Services: InMotion hosting provides the best customer services to their clients because they believe that the providers who have poor services don’t keep going long in this business sector.

Clients can also get some extra benefits, like security, managed servers, and back-up by using InMotion Dedicated server hosting.

Security: Basically, dedicated servers are the best options for companies who can’t afford to have others interfere with their information.

According to that point of view, InMotion hosting is the most secure alternative accessible right now for somebody who needs their information to be ensured.

InMotion: Dedicated Server Packages

The InMotion dedicated server is featured with three main plans named as Essential, Advanced, and Elite.

The Essential plan: If you need to upgrade from the VPS to the dedicated server then InMotion Essential plan is the right choice for you. This package gets you off and running even if you are a new user.

You can get this plan for $119.99 per month. In this package, you can get 160GB dual hard drives with 6TB data transfer per month.

Also, you can get 5 IP’s, 1TB 7.2K SATA and 3.0GHz Turbo 2C/2T processor with 4GB RAM under this plan. You can get the best storage space for your website under this plan.

The Advanced plan: InMotion Advanced plan is a stage to provide you the exact adjustment of space and power. This is an incredible answer for those who are hoping to see applications with huge traffic.

It is mainly built with some of the most advanced features to provide the troublesome assignments in the easiest way.

This plan is available for $159.99 per month with the features like 3.5GHz Turbo 4C/4T processor with 8 GB RAM, 10TB data transfers and 10 IP’s.

You can also choose between 120GB SSD or 1TB 7.2K SATA with double RAM under the promo offer.

The Elite plan: The Elite plan is their first class dedicated server package. It permits you to run concurrent applications with no hiccups.

It is featured with 3.9GHz turbo 4C/8T processor with 16GB RAM. You can additionally choose between RAID-1, 2x250GB SSD or RAID-1, 2x2TB 7.2K SATA with 2TB SATA backup absolutely free. 

This plan also comes with double RAM promo offer with 15 IP’s and up to 10TB data transfers. You can get this plan for just $229.99 per month.

Other Plans

InMotion hosting also provides commercial class dedicated server plans named as:

  • Commercial Class 500
  • Commercial Class 1000
  • Commercial Class 2000 with SSDs.

Let us compare these plans as well:

Commercial Class 500: This plan is consist of many advanced features, like 3.0GHz turbo 6C/12T processor with 16 GB RAM and RAID-1, 2 x 250 GB SSD. It is also featured with 15 TB data transfers for just $419.99 per month.

Commercial Class 1000: This dedicated hosting plan comes with some similar features, like 3.0GHz turbo 6C/12T processor with up to 15TB data transfer facility.

Apart from that, it is also featured with some advanced options, like 32GB RAM with RAID-1, 2 x 500 GB SSD. You can get this plan for $489.99 per month.

Commercial Class 2000: Last but not the least, the commercial class 2000 plan. It is featured with more advanced features and technology.

You can get Dual Intel CPU with 3.2GHz turbo 16C/32T processor and 64GB ECC DDR4 RAM. You can also get RAID-6, 4x500GB SSD with 15TB data transfers under this plan. You can buy this plan for $589.99 per month.

Best Features

Free Server Management

The InMotion dedicated server not only installs the framework security patches but also check and upgrade them to overcome any security risks.

They also upgrade the cPanel features to help their customers, so that they can access the most stable and latest cPanel & WHM features.

They also provide a two-hour hardware replacement assurance. Under this assurance, they supplant any defective hardware within two-hour notification period.

InMotion Hosting dedicated servers

Free SSD

InMotion gladly picks Samsung SSDs and most of their server packages come with free SSD. SSD can provide you fast read and write IOPS between a range of 94k-98k. It pushes a large amount of information than a standard HDD.

99.999% Network Uptime

InMotion works with smart routing feature,” and because of this advanced technology, they ensure their clients by providing the highest network speeds.

The design of this technology is built on BGP redundant and multi-homing network. That’s why they provide 99.999% of network uptime to their customers.

Custom Configuration

InMotion gives you the facility to update your processor, get extra RAM and disk space on your essential hard drive and even include an optional backup hard drive.

They also help you to configure custom settings and features. They optimize the server for uptime and also enhanced security, software and hardware RAID, database clusters, firewalls, NGINX, and more.

100 Free cPanel Account Transfers

You can get the 100 free cPanel account transfers at the time of purchase. Just transfers from a solitary cPanel host with either affiliate or root access are qualified for this offer.

The offer must be reclaimed within the initial 30 days after buy and different restrictions may apply on the transfers, like size restrictions.

100% Money Back Assurance

InMotion hosting offers an industry leading 100% money back guarantee scheme to their customers on each dedicated server packages.

They completely guarantee your satisfaction, so that you can buy with confidence. The offer is valid up to the first 30 days time frame and you can claim a refund if you are not satisfied with their services.

Launch Assist

If you need help for setting up your server, an expert to optimize your website or even a system admin to speed up your pages, you are at the right place to get all these features absolutely free.

InMotion provides 3+ Tier system admin support to their customers. So, all you need to do is to ask their Managed Hosting Team for support, according to your needs and requirements.

InMotion named it Launch Assist to provide every possible support and guidance without any charge.

Multi-Layer Defense

InMotion hosting accomplices with Corero to guard against DDoS attacks that lead to spontaneous server blackouts.

They have 10Gbps multi-layer switches that layer through different APIs and scripts to change the routing inside the system itself.

Quick Support

InMotion understands the importance of having a fast and efficient customer support team. That’s why, if an issue does come up, their ultimate goal is to resolve that issue within 24 hours time frame.

You can likewise search InMotion’s broad learning base, including email and site instructional exercises, bill FAQ’s, and domain name setup information through their Support Center.

Additionally, you can see instructional exercises in their educational channels or you can even make an inquiry in their Community Support forum.

Final Word

After reviewing InMotion Dedicated servers and account backbends, I found that there are so many things, that InMotion provides and as a customer you’re going to appreciate that.

The people at InMotion are so persistent and have the one of a kind capacity to clarify how things work. Regardless of your hosting needs, InMotion appears to have it secured.

The great news is that you get the exclusive discount, well, you get a 36% OFF the dedicated server plans, and also in other hosting solutions.

Dedicated server discount

If you really value great support and hardware for a reasonable price, I exceptionally suggest InMotion as your next dedicated server host, as it is the best dedicated server hosting provider in Los Angeles.

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