Best Essay Checker Software: For Students and Writers

No matter what goals you want to fulfill, if you don’t have good professional software that checks your writing and essays, things will be harder to manage.

That happens especially for students and writers with lots of work to do in a short period of time. It’s all about skills and time, however, no one is perfect, that’s why an essay corrector tool is highly recommended for all.

Today, I’ll show you the best essays and plagiarism checker software for students, and also, for teachers and everyone else. It’s called Grammarly, and you can use it online and it can be installed as an app in your web browser including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Professional essay checking with lots of features

According to a study, more than 75% of high school graduates are not professional, or at least, are not writing well.

The problem becomes more and more frequent among college and university students, the reasons are many, but of course, the social media world and the new technologies made writing easier as everything can be copied and pasted, and from that, the big issue finds the door to destroy education and writing.

So, if you really care about your essays and writing, you have to understand that using your own, or at least, a simple proofreading tool will never help.

Everything needs big databases and no one of the popular websites offer a professional grammar checking like Grammarly. It’s also a plagiarism checker for students, with an online essay editor and faster loading time and correction.

As an English essay checker, this tool checks your essay for plagiarism and grammar mistakes at the same time.

In other words, it combines all the other tools in one place and helps you to understand your mistakes and improve your writing skills. It works as a fast originality checker that scans billions of documents in the database and on the web, as well.

Essays and plagiarism checker

To check your essay for plagiarism, add the document and enable the plagiarism tool if you find it disabled. That happens sometimes when new users try to make some settings in their accounts. It’s easy to use software, and with a few clicks, you can adjust the level of the document checking.

In my own tests, there’s no other website to check for plagiarism that offers all-in-one services like this tool. In a few seconds, you will see your mistakes, with writing help and all the things that you need to understand grammar, vocabulary, conjugation, punctuation, and all.

Here is a simple example that shows you a small function that the software offers for students, academic people, and research writing.

Best Essay Check Software

This is also, a recommended paper checker that offers all the information you need in one place. You get college essay help without losing control, for example, you just need to upload the document with one click, then, let the software scans all phrases and words to find mistakes and suggest edits.

Grammarly is not a simple and an online plagiarism checker for research papers, but a complete writing and editor tool that helps you to take your writing to the next level in a short period of time.

The tool stores your errors and shows you a clear report about the mistakes you made, and the things that are improving day by day.

This amazing essay grammar corrector comes with two versions, the first one for secondary education, and the advanced one for higher education that suits the needs of universities, teachers, and researchers.

The tool used by Students and Universities

The tool is used by over 400, 000 U.S and worldwide students from hundreds of trusted educational institutions and universities.

If you need a professional and fast research paper checker software, then, this tool will be the right choice, as it gets thousands of real reviews and it’s recommended by millions of people around the world.

To start your online essay check, upload your document, or copy and paste the content in the editor, then, click the “Start Review” button as it looks in the below screenshot example. Then, wait a few seconds, while the software scans and finds mistakes in the text.

Finally, you’ll get a full report about grammar mistakes, tenses, vocabulary, parallelism, punctuation, and more things that every professional writer needs.

The essay grammar checker tool is just a single feature among others that work together and in real-time. In moments, the algorithm checks your work for everything.


Paper proofreader


As you can see, this is an essay and paper proofreader tool that makes things easier and faster. You’ll save lots of time and effort trying to find hidden errors that are not easy to find.

The great thing about this trusted tool is that it does professional spell-checking instantly, So, when you write online, it finds your spelling errors in real-time and suggests the correct words, nouns, and verbs.

By the way, you will never find any other online essay corrector that was built with the help of well-known English grammar experts. They are the people behind that tool, and they’re doing a great job updating the database with new terms and rules daily.

You can use this tool as a free plagiarism and grammar checker as it comes with a free and limited version, but, I highly recommend getting the paid version as it comes with all the features and a faster scanning process to find grammatical mistakes.

Furthermore, This is a lightweight online plagiarism and a grammar checker tool for students, no matter what they study. They get instant essay writing help with tips, highlights, and things to do to improve the writing and avoid making the same mistakes again.


The Grammarly software is the number one writing checker software that works faster and better than any other tool.

You can use it with any browser, and online with any website. The simple grammar app can be installed instantly and it will show you the mistakes with every phrase you write online. All in all, it’s the only tool that students, teachers, and universities in general need for better writing.

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