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Best Vehicle VIN Number Lookup Services

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The best way to know everything about any vehicle is to use a VIN number check service. That allows anyone who wants to buy or sell a used car to find the history of that vehicle and avoid scams. However, even with the right vehicle identification number, things can be confusing with data and reports. So, I’ll list the best websites to run a vehicle VIN number lookup and find the history with details.

Before starting, let’s understand the VIN code and what does it mean?

What’s a car VIN code?

A car’s VIN is code the vehicle Identification Number that works as the human ADN profiling. That means, every vehicle has its own unique VIN number that talks about its specifications, manufacturer, where it was built, the engine size and more.

The VIN number is a total of 17 digits and capital letters mixed together. The meaning of the VIN number is the following:

  • First character: The country where the vehicle was built.
  • 2nd and 3rd characters: The car manufacturer.
  • 4th to 8th characters: The vehicle engine size, type, and brand.
  • 9th character, the security code of the VIN, it tells that the code was authorized by the manufacturer.
  • 10th character: It tells the car’s model year.
  • 11th character: It indicates which plant assembled the car.
  • Finally, the last 6 digits indicate the serial number of that given vehicle.

Car VIN code meaning

Where to lookup any VIN number online?

Anyone can check a car VIN number online with many services. However, the problem with those VIN lookup services is their databases. In reality, many of them offer a limited number of searches with limited databases across the USA. For that reason, it becomes important to find a good car VIN number search tool online.

The best websites to check a used car VIN number are the following:

1. VinAudit

With this great vehicle history search website, everything will be clear, easy to read and detailed. Furthermore, the user gets a full vehicle history report with easy reading and well-organized information. The VIN report includes the vehicle’s past owners, and the hidden issues or prior damages. Also, you can find if the vehicle was stolen or if it’s unsafe.

Of course, you’ll find the vehicle accident records, vehicle theft records, sale records, flood damages, and more.

The car specifications let you know every single technical detail about the vehicle. That includes the following:

  • The car engine
  • The VIN code location
  • Odometer rollbacks
  • Steering type
  • Mileage
  • Damages
  • Insurance company and past accidents
  • Sale records with the past listing price
  • Saltwater damage
  • Record of the vehicle fire damages
  • Vehicle’s rebuilt records
  • The car refurbished records and everything else.

All that gives you the information you need to know the real value of any vehicle. Then, you can decide to buy it or not. The same thing applies to car owners who want to sell their cars and find the vehicle’s history online.

The greatest additional service that this website offers is the vehicle price estimation. It’s a tool that shows the average market price for that vehicle based on thousands of records and comparisons.

Best Vehicle VIN Number Lookup Services

2. Safer Car

This is a completely free VIN number check website that lets you know everything about the vehicle safety. This governmental service reports if a recalled vehicle has been repaired or not, and what are the repairs needed. The information provided is based on the safety recall records for the past 15 years. It’s a service that offers an absolutely free car history report with five-star safety rating.

3. National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)

This free VIN check website offered by the national insurance crime bureau shows you if the vehicle was part of a theft or a crime. So, you don’t have to waste your time by asking the owner for that. Just enter the car VIN number and you’ll get a real report for free.

The VIN search service is completely free, however, the website allows a maximum of 5 car VIN checks per 24 hours for an IP address.

4. Vehicle History

This is a free vehicle history report by VIN number, unlike the other paid VIN search tools, this one is free. It’s a free VIN decoder with valuable information and details about the vehicle you want to search for.

Additionally, this service gives a car title check, free VIN history, car damages, accident reports and more.

Please make sure to paste the correct VIN number to avoid getting other car reports. When you use this service, you’ll avoid buying a lemon with a simple and a free used car VIN search.


These are the best free and also paid VIN number search websites. I kept the list as short as possible to offer an easy choice with trusted sites. I’ll add other VIN lookup services later, but after verifying that they provide accurate vehicle history reports.

As a result, a car buyer or a car seller can find the exact information with a few clicks of the button. Also, I suggest searching Google for the vehicle that you want to search for. All you have to do is to put the VIN number in the Google search box, then, validate. In the end, if the VIN number is a part of any article, social media posts or shares, you’ll find it easily.

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