To find the best websites to sell cars online, you need to keep in mind some rules that people forget sometimes. The most important one is the number of people who visit these sites and compare them to find the most visited website, where posting car listing is not a waste of time.

Another important rule is the website trust. Of course traffic is important, but if the website is not really trusted by people, then, no one will take lists seriously and contact the car owner for more information, or simply to buy the car.

Now, let’s see the great places where you can sell your car.

Top places for selling cars online

1. Aol Autos

The biggest website to find thousands, if not millions of car shoppers. This website owned by Aol, Aol Autos receive millions of visitors every day, with Alexa traffic rank of 106 and improving. You’re in the right place to sell  cars, best of all, your listing is free and if you compare that free listing to the traffic you will receive, you’re getting free advertising that worth dollars.

All you have to do is to create a free Aol account, and start selling your car, with one of the biggest car classifieds.

At the end of the home page, you can read great articles and tips bout how to sell your car with the maximum price and how to do with your customers and more.

Best Websites to Sell Cars Online

2. Autotrader

Autotrader is a big platform to find car shoppers, their Alexa traffic rank is 1300 which means millions there are two options. The first is to list your car yourself, and the second that I recommend is letting their experts help you. Some simple tips and how to do things car really give you better results, if you’re a car expert and you know what you do, you can list the car yourself.

Autotrader has a great option to let you post your ad on big networks and websites like MSN Autos, and others. Thus, you get the maximum visitors who really want to buy cars, and not just people who browse websites for fun.

Another good thing you should, is that Autotrader is the best place to sell your classic cars, and Motorcycle, there is a special listing for that type of listing.



This is a great website designed and launched, especially for cars, advertise your car with photos to up to 11 million visits per month. You can start with a free package that includes 5 photos for 30 days, and can be renewed for free also.

This is a good choice for newbies who don’t have any experience in selling cars. You can also select other packages with more features and benefits.

Sell cars online

4. Edmunds

This is another big website to sell cars online, they have great features and can help you with tips on how to sell and buy cars. Shoppers browse their cars by Model, and Year, keep that in mind and list your car in the best category with all the appropriate details. All you have to do is to create an account, and start selling your car.

This website has an Alexa traffic rank of 1700, and you can expect thousands of interested shoppers to your listing.

These are the most visited and best websites to sell cars online. Of course, you can find thousands of others, but you can’t guarantee real and targeted visitors. It’s better to focus on one or two websites as maximum.

Check your listing daily, and you will get a better result than switching with many sites that receive few shoppers per day. Traffic is everything in marketing, if you get a huge traffic, then you will sell without a doubt.

Another advice before listing your car for sale is to browse similar cars, and compare their prices. Make sure to create a good description with attractive photos, choose clear photos to give a real idea about your car and its value.

Sometimes people forget the car, if you list it with bad photos, the more you tell people about your car’s features, the more you will get real shoppers. A great car description and clear photos will answer your visitor’s questions.

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