Best Websites to Lookup Email Addresses: Easy, Fast and Accurate

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In this new world of Social Media, an email is probably the most important tool for communication. And in many cases, finding a person’s email address may end up being crucial to your success. As it often happens with people’s name and phone numbers, we forget email addresses. Sometimes you might need to find an old friend’s email whom you lost touch with. Other times, you might need the email address of a manager in an enterprise or a potential customer if you are in a sales business. Anyway, sooner or later, you will be in that spot where you are in an urgent need to find someone’s email address for whatever reason. So, what would you do?

The first thing anyone would do is to do a Google or social media search to look for a person’s contact information. However, there are many easy-to-use, free and paid, tools available to solve this very problem. Email lookup sites offer you very simple ways to lookup email addresses using a person’s name, domain name, home address, etc. Sometimes you might need to do the reverse email lookup whereby you get to know the person behind an email address.

Here is a list of the best sites to lookup any email address online.

10 best email lookup sites


Spokeo is one of the best-paid programs to lookup people’s personal information such as emails, phone numbers, home addresses, etc. With its huge database, simple user interface and quick results, it is most likely that you won’t have to use another site to lookup email addresses. You can conduct a search using a person’s name, phone, email and much more.

The site offers different subscription plans based on the method of search and results combination. Moreover, it also depends on the number of searches you intend to conduct per month (ranging from 5 to 1000). If Spokeo fails to provide results on the first search after your subscription, they will refund your money in full.



Email Finder is an easy-to-use email searching website where you can lookup email addresses or use email address to find persons’ information. The steps are simple; you enter a person’s first and last names, this is a mandatory step. Then you provide extra information such as their city and state, and then you hit the search button, and finally, you’re off to the races.

The site shows the results with the person’s name, age, place of residence and the email address. One catch here is that it doesn’t show a person’s complete email address; rather it provides the service to send them an email from your account. You must create an account and buy a subscription to conduct a search on this site.


PeopleSmart is another paid website if you are into serious research. The site claims that they can reach out to public records of the US such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. You can also find the person behind an email address using the reverse email search. It comes with a free 7-Day trial, so, you can give it a try if nothing else works for you.


VoilaNorbert is one of the most elegant and simple email search engines on the web. All you need to do is just enter the first and last names, and then the domain name. Finally, hit the “Work for me, Norbert” button and voila! If you need to do an enterprise level for more powerful email lookup, then try the VoilaNorbert’s Massive search tool.


Toofr is an email lookup tool targeted for sales sector. One of its main functions is to help you reach out to people in order to promote your product through their email addresses. Toofr is a paid service, and it has fantastic tools that can be of help if finding email is part of your daily job.

One of its interesting tools is Batch Email Processing. Rather than typing the name and searching emails one by one, you can upload peoples’ names and domain names in bulk using a CSV format. And get all results in just one click. If you don’t know the domain, just enter the company’s name, and it will look for the domain for you. The site claims a searching speed of 100 entries per hour.


Intellius is a great tool that has access to various public records in the US. It offers a comprehensive email search. It comes with a variety of tools such as background check, criminal check, reverse email lookup, reverse phone lookup, etc. Intellius is a paid service that comes with different discount offers.

Pipl – Free

Pipl provides a very comprehensive search about persons. It searches people’s bio data depending on first and last names and place of residence. It breaks down the result into different categories such as a general category, publications, criminal record, etc. You can look into these records to find the email address of that particular person. All of that is all free by the way.

LinkedIn People Search – Free

LinkedIn, as most people know, is a site for professionals. You can use LinkedIn’s worldwide network of professionals to search for people by their name, profession, industry, job history, etc. After finding the right person, you can explore their profile for email, or you can contact directly via LinkedIn. – Free, previously known as, is the best site for you if you are trying to reach lost connections. After registering yourself, you can do a comprehensive search by name, address, age, etc. And get back in touch with people from the past. – Free offers 150 free searches per month. It provides three tools which are Domain search, Email Finder, Email Verifier. Like the tools above, you need to enter the name and domain to perform a search. You can use the Email Verifier if you know the email, but aren’t sure if it’s the right one. Do the Domain search to lookup email patterns or an entire list of emails from that domain.

X-Ray Search Engine – Free

X-Ray Search Engine is a free email search engine from Sell Hack; however, it requires you to register first. It works by searching people’s public profiles like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc, in order to lookup an email address.

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