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Bluehost Vs Arvixe: Web Hosting Comparison of 2017

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The server specifications, with a transparent pricing model, and the customer support is what you should look for when choosing a web hosting provider. However, when companies are owned by the same group, things will be confusing. Today, this is the Bluehost Vs Arvixe hosting comparison. You’ll find the differences, the hosting plans, and more details about these two popular providers.

Before starting, let’s have a look at the background of each company and what they’re doing.

Bluehost and Arvixe: Background

Bluehost was somehow a good web hosting provider, but later, it was acquired by EIG (Endurance International Group) in 2010. From that date, nothing was reliable and affordable at the same time.

The same thing happened to Arvixe, it was acquired by the same EIG group in 2014. Now, both companies are operating under the parent giant hosting group that owns dozens of other hosting companies.

Of course, each company has its own infrastructure and data centers. However, specifications and configurations are the same. Both companies offer shared hosting, VPS, and also, dedicated hosting plans.

Arvixe offers Linux and Windows hosting, while Bluehost offers Linux hosting only.

Bluehost compared to Arvixe

Disk storageUnlimitedUnlimited
Free domainOnly for 1 yearFree for Life
Monthly hostingNoYes
Yearly hostingYesYes
Monthly costNot offered$7
Yearly hosting$155.16$60
Money-back Guarantee30-Day60-Day
Customer supportPhone, live chat, ticketsPhone, live chat, tickets
Linux hostingYesYes
Windows hostingNoYes
Support rating3/53/5
Control panelenhanced cPanelcPanel
For developers, Perl, Python, SSH... YesYes
Website transfer service$149.99Free
WordPress auto-installerYesYes
Visit BluehostVisit Arvixe

The following table comparison highlights the main features that make the difference between both providers. The price is important, however, it’s not the only thing to look for when choosing a web hosting service. Think about the limitations, the customer support, and of course, your website and business need.

Bluehost Vs Arvixe: price comparison

In terms of prices, Arvixe offers cheaper hosting plans with unlimited resources. That includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and also, unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts. Indeed, the Arvixe’s “Personal Class” plan costs only $60 while Bluehost offers the “Plus” plan for $155.16 and that’s so expensive for that quality of shared hosting.

Bluehost Vs Arvixe

So, when comparing prices, Arvixe is the winner and Bluehost is not recommended for people who want to save money when choosing a shared hosting service.

For the website migration, Arvixe offers it for free, while Bluehost offers a paid website transfer service that costs $149.99 and that’s not cheap at all. The website transfer is so easy if you follow a step by step tutorial. But, if you want a professional technician to do the job for you, then, Arvixe offers the service for free.

Here is the Arvixe checkout page screenshot, everything is clear ad they have transparent pricing. Best of all, They unchecked, their extra services, unlike Bluehost that adds hidden fees.


Bluehost compared to other hosting services is expensive and not Worthing the money you pay for a shared hosting account.

Month to month hosting

If you need to go with a month web hosting, then, Arvixe is the right choice. They offer a monthly payment option for your shared hosting account. It costs $7 per month, and if you choose the yearly hosting, you’ll save money.

Unlike Arvixe, Bluehost doesn’t offer monthly billing, you can only pay per year or longer period.

Bluehost Vs Arvixe in customer support

Not really helpful in both cases. That’s what I can say about the Bluehost and the Arvixe customer support. The two hosting services offer support by phone, live chat, online tickets or emails, but the quality of their support has been downgraded during the last years.

Downtime affected the customer support

There are many downtimes with Bluehost, the biggest one affected their data center, and even the customer department stopped working because of the data loss connection. That downtime lasted one day and the only way that people found to check the problem updates was their Twitter account (not really helpful).

For Arvixe, they also, have downtimes and there are many customer complaints about Arvixe and also Bluehost uptime and server load.

For a professional web hosting, I recommend InMotion Hosting instead of these companies. It works faster, better and they have an amazing customer support and uptime. However, Bluehost and Arvixe are inexpensive shared hosting providers that I only recommend if you have a small size website or blog and a few visits per day.

Bluehost and Arvixe uptime

Bluehost is one of the worst web hosting services when it comes to uptime. They have lots of downtimes and that kills the website user experience and the business itself of thousands of people. Nowadays, the uptime is much more important than any other time before. The few seconds of downtime per hour will be minutes in a day, and days of downtime per year. Just think about the time you’ll waste with a company that has hours of downtime.

Arvixe has downtimes also, but fewer than Bluehost.

The control panel

Arvixe offers the great cPanel, it’s the most popular control panel with lots of tools and options. You can modify files, rename others and move them between directories. Also, you can upload or download files and folder, and even you compress them.

On the other side, Bluehost offers a modified cPanel that looks confusing. Moreover, their control panel is not easy, especially for beginners, the regular cPanel is easier and better.

Money-back Guarantee

Bluehost offers a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee, that lets you try their service for a full month and then, you can decide to stay with them or not. On the other hand, Arvixe offers 60-Day Money-back Guarantee, and that’s twice the Bluehost’s period. So, you have a longer time to test the hosting and try them.


The great thing about the Arvixe web hosting is that they have a DDoS protection for the data center. That’s great for those who look for a secure hosting. Also, they offer firewall system and scanning for the website files. The two companies offer the same security parameters and only there are minor differences.

Arvixe Vs Bluehost: reviews from the web

Overall, there are positive and negative feedbacks and reviews about Bluehost and Arvixe. They are a shared web hosting providers with millions of hosted domains in total. The main problems that people faced with both companies were their downtime and the customer support. Even, if they have a phone support, it’s not guaranteed to have a technician who talks to you on the phone, and fixes the problem you have.

Bluehost or Arvixe

As you can see from the above comparison and the table, Arvixe is the cheaper and a budget web hosting. It’s not the perfect hosting, as they have downtimes like Bluehost and other companies. But, all in all, I would recommend Arvixe and not Bluehost if you have to choose. It’s affordable if you take into consideration, the hosting prices, and the features with a free domain name for life.

If you really care about your website and business, then, I recommend InMotion Hosting. It’s an SSD web hosting with faster servers, a better customer support, and amazing uptime.

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