How to export and import WordPress theme settings & CSS customizations

When people want to install their best theme on another WordPress site, they simply need to export the theme settings. Then, they import the settings file into the other server or site, and the job is done.

However, this step seems a little complicated for newbies, and that’s why I’m creating this post. If you have a professional WordPress theme and you want to use it on multiple blogs with the same settings like the layout, the design, colors, and everything else, then, just follow the below steps.

Exporting theme customization settings

Of course, every theme framework has its own settings and control panel options. I’ll go over the most popular themes and hoping that your actual theme is one of them. If it’s not the case, browse your theme control panel options or contact your theme seller for help.

1. Genesis themes

The StudioPress themes are one of the themes that come with easy settings. All you have to do is to click the “Genesis” menu from your admin area, then, click on “Import/Export” like the next screenshot.

How to Export and Import WordPress Theme Settings

Now, select the options you want to export, and click the button.

Theme export

The Genesis theme settings will be downloaded as a “.json” data file, that you can open with any file editor to see the content if you want. You can use that file to restore the complete theme settings like SEO options if you’re using theme, layout, colors, font settings, and everything else.

To import the old theme settings in the default WordPress theme, follow the above steps, but click the “Import” button this time, and upload your file from your local computer.Import WordPress theme settings

 2. Themes with full control panels

In general, WordPress themes like Template Monster, and all the others with advanced control panels, comes with options to backup and restore themes. The options are located at the bottom of the control panel, in the majority of cases.

So, log in to your WordPress admin area and click your theme panel options, and look for those options “Export”/Import”.

import theme settings

3. Other WordPress themes

In other cases, where the theme comes without a control panel or options, you can find the “export” menu under “Appearance” on the left admin area menu. You will find some options there, to download your theme options.

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Please note, some themes will only generate the backup file, and you need to copy and paste the content in a local file that can be a text file or other. The main goal here is to save the generated backup options and restore them later.

Make sure that your settings will be compatible with your theme version. For example, if you have an old settings backup file, and you want to restore it in a new version of the same theme, you will notice some changes and that’s why some options will not be transferred.

Moving your CSS customizations

This is a very important step if you already added extra code for colors etc… in the WordPress CSS customizer, then, you’ll need to copy and paste the code in the next theme.

To move the CSS code from one theme to another, click on “appearance”, then, “customize”.

CSS customization

On the next page, you’ll be able to copy the whole code and import in any other additional CSS option.

moving CSS code

As many times before, as I always recommend sin trusted WordPress themes and not any file. There are thousands of sites that offer free themes just to hack websites and more complicated things. So, keep yourself safe and never risk your blog or website with themes you don’t have any idea about them.

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