How to Find any Song Name From a Record or Humming

Many times, people listen to great music or songs and they can’t find any way to download it, simply because they don’t have the name and anything as information about it. If that happened to you as well, then, you have two great ways to get the name of any song easily, by using the record on your phone or any other device.

On the other hand, if you only remember the music, and you can hum it, you just have to launch a simple tool online that searches for that music for you.

Find music from a recording

Let’s start with the first options when you have the record. At least a few seconds of the music can help. Personally, I’ve used a site called Watzatsong and it’s a community site, where people help each other to identify unknown songs.

Unlike the automatic methods that can’t guarantee a result, with this free site, you can get answers about the exact music, and people can tell you more about it.

What you need is to upload the song that you want. Of course, it should be sound, and if you have a video, for example, you need to convert it to MP3 or any other format. Then, wait for a few minutes, or even hours, and see if someone has answered your question with the song name or not.

You can also help other people by listening to their records, and giving them answers. Please note that the newest uploaded song will be listed at the top of the page. That’s why you need to scroll down, and even browse the next pages, to find your own upload.

Find any Song Name From a Record

Finding unknown song by humming

This is the second method to use, it’s helpful in any way. But, the only issue is that you can get answers all the time, these are software that scans a large database of songs and music, then, they compare your sound, or humming with millions of results.

You can use any smartphone application that can search the song for you, for some examples, use the following websites.

These are good music recognition applications and sites that people use. At the same time,  SoundCloud also offers an application to search for your music and it’s free.

The sound search for Google Play is another way to use it. It’s an application that compares your song records to the database and extracts the appropriate results.

Visit any website of the above ones, and start singing or humming, and the tools will start searching for the targeted answer.

The software will ask you to enable it to access your microphone, and that’s of course to detect the sound. At the same time, People can open a record on their laptops or phones and let the tool scan it and search, at the same time.

By using the above sites and tools, you will be able to find your new songs and tracks that you love, but, without any information about them. However, if you are still unable to find the name, then, I recommend posting your record daily on the first website above.

Then, wait 2 or 3 days until someone recognizes it and helps. You can also tell your friends about that record and they can help.

These are a few ways only, what about yours? How can you find your unknown music and the song’s name?

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