How to Call Someone if they Blocked You

In the beginning, we want to point out that this article is directed to people who have been blocked unfairly or by mistake. It aims to help them contact a person in case of an emergency or for other legitimate reasons. We do not advise using any of the below-mentioned methods to harass or threaten someone. You could end up facing harassment charges. 

Just think about it. Why did this person block you? Were you bothering them? Are you ready to face the legal actions they might take against you? Is this call worth all that? 

If you are not a stalker, you can proceed. We understand that desperate times call for desperate measures. To help you get a valid message across, here are a few ways to get around the block:

Did you know that you can search for someone’s other hidden numbers through any of their details like name, number, or username? Some advanced search engines allow you to find people’s secondary contact details anytime they block you.

Best ways to call them back when you’re blocked

Hide your caller ID

Nowadays, smartphones come with the option of hiding your caller ID. This way, you can make a call, without showing your number. The recipient’s phone will not be able to detect who is calling. Instead, it will only show a call from a “Hidden” number. This way, your call will go through, even if the person has already blocked your number. 

Here are the steps to hide your Caller ID:

iOS devices

  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down till you find the “Phone” section. 
  3. Select it and then click on “Show My Caller ID”.
  4. Slide it to the off position. 


  1. Go to “Settings”.
  2. Choose “Call Settings” then “Additional Settings”.
  3. Go to “Caller ID”. 
  4. Select “Hide Number”. 

Be aware, though. This feature depends mainly on your service carrier. In case this option has been disabled by the carrier, your smartphone will not be able to hide your caller ID. No need to worry! Some of the other methods below can work for you. 

Dial *67

Add *67 before dialing the phone number. This code will mask your number. Instead, it will appear as “Unknown” or “Private Number” on the recipient’s mobile. They will not know it is you who is calling. As a result, the phone call will not get blocked. 

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Here is an example of how to do it: dial: *67 XXX XXX XXXX. This trick can work on both cell phones and landlines. However, it might not work on business lines. 

Try calling a landline

Go back to the good old days and try calling the person’s landline. Many home landlines do not have the option of blocking numbers. So, there is a great chance your phone call will go through. However, if they see your number on their landline caller ID, they might choose not to answer. In all cases, it is worth a shot. 

Change your phone number

If you are not that attached to your phone number, this might be a good option. You can contact your service provider and ask them to change your phone number. This might come at a small fee. You will also need to update the information on any application you have signed up for using your old number.

To save yourself the hassle, you can buy a new number and a new phone. This option will cost you more, but you will get to keep your old number. In the end, the person you are trying to reach can also block your new number as well. However, you will get at least one phone call through. You can use this chance to convey your message. After that, they will associate the new number with you. 

Call from a friend’s phone

Buying a new number just to try and call someone is not that practical. After one phone call, your new number might get blocked as well. So, it will be useless. That is why it could be more efficient to try and borrow a phone from someone else. 

Ask a friend or a roommate if you can make a call from their phone number. You can explain the situation to them to make sure it is okay to use their phone. Be considerate of your friend’s well-being. If the call did not go well, you and your friend might get into trouble. They might become complicit in the harassment for allowing you to use their phone. 

To have a better chance, try to use a phone number the recipient is not familiar with. If the person you are trying to call suspects it is you on the other end, they might not answer the phone. They might even block that number as well.  

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Try random phone number Apps

Today, you will find various random phone number apps online. All you need is a smartphone to easily download one of these apps. Afterward, the app will assign you a random number that you can use to call or text anybody. 

The person you are trying to reach does not have to be using the app. Before answering the call, they will not know it is you. Instead, they will see the random number on their caller ID.

Use a pay phone

Yes, these still exist in the US, but in a limited number. If you have a public phone nearby, you can use it to your advantage. To find the nearest pay phone, you can search on Google.

With just a few coins, you can make a hard-to-trace call. The person you are calling will never suspect it is you. So, they will most probably answer the call. The rest is up to you. 

Try online voice calls 

Most likely, the person you are trying to reach has also blocked your number on WhatsApp. However, there are other online voice call apps you can use. Try, for example, Facebook Messenger, or Skype. Be aware that making a call from these apps will show your account name. So, you might need to use a fake account to hide your identity. 

Give cloud-based phone systems a try

Google Voice is one of the most famous cloud-based phone systems. It provides you with a phone number for calling, text messaging, and voicemail. This app works on both smartphones and computers. You can easily sync your data on all your devices.

The numbers provided by Google Voice are not listed in phone books or connected to physical addresses. That is why they are hard to trace. The recipient’s mobile phone will just show a number. However, it will be difficult for them to associate this number with you. 

How can I tell if someone has blocked my number?

There is no straightforward way to determine if you have been blocked by someone. You will not get a notification or something like that. Instead, some signs can indicate that you have been blocked. 

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When someone blocks your phone number, you might only hear a half ring. Then you will go straight to voicemail. Sometimes, you might also get automated messages such as “the person you are trying to call is not available” or “number temporarily out of service”. 

You can also try sending text messages. Even if you were blocked, your texts will appear to go through. However, if the person has already blocked you, they will never receive these messages or reply. All these signs are not definitive answers that you have been blocked. However, they are not good indicators either.

Try not to jump to conclusions based on suspicion only. There are many other reasons why you might be facing these scenarios. The person you are trying to contact might be in a location with a bad signal. They might also have switched their phone off, or their battery might have died. In these cases, it is perfectly normal to get these automated messages or go to voicemail. However, if you constantly keep getting the same results, then most probably you have been blocked.


Trying to call a person who has blocked you might not be a wise decision. First, try to figure out why they have blocked you. Think if your call will help make things better. Maybe this person is not ready or comfortable to get in direct contact with you yet. Be considerate and give them the space and time they need.

Instead of calling, you can get a common friend to help. Ask them to speak to this person on your behalf. You can also try and give the issue some time. This way, the person you are trying to call might feel better and be more willing to hear you out. On the other hand, pushing yourself on someone might end things between both of you for good. So, it is your moral duty to respect others’ privacy and decisions. If there is no emergency, try to not call someone who has blocked you. 

There is a fine line between trying to reach someone and harassing them. Remember never to cross that line!

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