Best SSD Web Hosting Services

Hosting your website or blog on pure SSD servers will take the speed of every page to the next level, and also, that will boost the performance of the site and help Google crawlers to access the content faster and index it better. In other words, choosing a reliable Solid State Drive hosting come with a lot of benefits compared to the old HDD hosting, but what’s the right SSD service to choose?

The best SSD hosting service provider is not the one that works faster and offers the latest drives only, but we should look further to find exceptional site loading time, high levels of security, and real customer support. In today’s guide, I’ll show you the SSD web hosts with the best quality for websites, blogs, or eCommerce CMSs.

Top SSD hosting services

1. WP Engine

If quality and speed matter to you, then, choose this provider for your WordPress blog and sites. You’ll have the best environment to make WordPress work better and more secure, however, that comes with its cost. So, don’t expect to find a cheap $5 web hosting plan there.

The minimum plan starts at $25/month if paid every 30 days and $20/m if the yearly subscription is selected, and that’s not cheap, however, it’s worth it and it’s a premium quality blog hosting that we found the best. WP Engine uses cloud SSD infrastructure with optimized RAM that will never be saturated like the case of other web hosts. Besides that, the platform is fully secure and well protected against DDoS attacks and other threats.

In addition, to their fast hosting, the web host has recently acquired StudioPress, one of the most important players in the WordPress design and hosting industry. So, they combined all their themes and tools and included everything in one place without extra cost.


  • The first, and oldest managed WordPress host
  • 35 premium WordPress themes and the Genesis framework for free (they acquired the StudioPress company and all its products)
  • Superfast loading time
  • Server caching system
  • Good user portal with all the tools like managing caches, databases, SFTP, server logs, etc…
  • Used by popular bloggers and companies
  • Real web hosting security
  • CDN is included in all plans
  • More than 300 employees to assist and help bloggers fix their problems. That’s why they have the Most explosive WordPress hosting support services in the world.
  • Free SSL
  • Risk-free for full 60 days
  • Automatic WordPress migration using their custom plugin


  • Sometimes, Google may crawl the staging sites, so, make sure you protect them with a password to prevent that from happening.
  • It’s not for everyone due to their prices, lots of beginners won’t be able to pay their monthly hosting

Now, talking about prices, the Starter plan costs $20/month, it lets you install one single WordPress site, with up to 25K cost on a monthly basis. The second plan called the Grow plan costs $115/month and it’s good for high-traffic blogs. Finally, the third package named Scale hosting plan and even customer plans for enterprises and developers.

All these plans include CDN, SSL, free premium themes, and the yearly plans save you Two months of free web hosting.

2. InMotion Hosting

This provider has been doing a good job optimizing the web servers for faster site loading time and a better user experience. I recommend this web host because we think few web hosts provide what they offer as speed, customer support, and reliability at an affordable cost.

The web host uses the latest SSD drives to serve the WordPress core files and the content of the blog. Better than that, InMotion uses PHP 7 and that accelerates everything for bloggers and readers at the same time. Now, let’s have a look at the features of this cheap SSD web hosting.

Advantages of their SSD servers

  • Fast SSD web servers
  • PHP 7 ready
  • Optimized caching system
  • Friendly customer support
  • SSD cPanel hosting
  • Web site builder
  • High level of security and daily server scanning
  • Free themes and even plugins
  • No surprising renewal prices as other web hosts
  • Ready WordPress, and Prestashop installations

Disadvantages of InMotion Hosting

  • No monthly plans available

InMotion Hosting offers shared and VPS managed hosting, the shared plans cost $6.39 and they come with unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain. On the other hand, you can choose the managed WordPress plan that costs $7.26 and that’s suitable for one website with up to 40 GB of SSD server storage.

3. Liquid Web

This is the next level of WordPress-optimized hosting that can surprise your readers with its loading time. Unlike other web hosts, this one uses custom SSD servers with powerful caching and strong security.

To have a clear idea about Liquid Web hosting, here are the main features:

Pros of their pure SSD servers:

  • Dedicated WordPress migration plugin that exports all the site content (SQL, wp-content, etc…)
  • Plugin updates
  • Image compression
  • No page views or traffic limits
  • Daily site backups
  • SSL for free
  • Support available 24/7
  • Monthly payments
  • CDN included

Cons of Liquid Web:

  • You’ll need to contact their support if you’ll like to install your custom SSL certificate (there is a free one by default)
  • Not useful pre-installed WordPress plugins (probably, you won’t need plugins like “hello dolly” and “iThemes synchronization pro”)
  • No way to have a dedicated IP address for each domain, you get one single IP for all your sites
  • The customer control panel comes with few features and tools, there is no way to manage backups without contacting customer support.

If Liquid Web is one of the best WordPress-optimized SSD hosts, their prices are not cheap at all. So, expect higher costs than any other shared or even managed hosting. The cheapest SSD WordPress hosting plan starts at $99/month for 10 sites. However, in terms f quality, that’s great and a reliable host with 100% uptime guaranteed.

4. StackPath

It’s not only a CDN service but one of the well-known cloud service providers with pure enterprise-grade sad infrastructure. The advantage of hosting a site with this company is that it gets all the speed and performance automatically without even thinking about that. In fact, every cloud servers come with an integrated CDN (which is the fastest in the industry), a free static IP address, lots of features, and professional customer assistance.

In addition to the high-performance cloud servers, the web host provides CDN, DNS, WAF and EDGE computing like no other company does. It’s faster than the Google cloud and Amazon by testing both infrastructures. Even more, with 100% uptime, nothing can be better than creating servers and starts adding content to the site or the app without wasting time with speed optimizations and complex algorithms, everything will be ready to use out of the box.

5. GoDaddy

Yes, this popular web host offer SSD servers with the shared plans, it’s not a privilege, these days to get super fast hosting as it’s highly needed and work better. GoDaddy is a trusted SSD hosting for small businesses and there is a full list of features that makes them the best in this category. For example, there is unmetered bandwidth, free Microsoft Office 365, professional email for free during the first year, included DDoS protection, and app installer software of course.

With cPanel, and cloud Linux, SSD servers work faster and users get different levels of speed depending on the plan they choose. But overall, this is a good web hosting that you can count on for any website, it’s the biggest domain name registrar and advanced DNS management is one of its kind. So, you can get the domain, web hosting, email, and everything you need for a business in one place.

For a specific app, the provider supports hundreds of them, including WordPress, Python, PHP, MySQL, Joomla, and more.

I want to mention, also that there are both, Linux and Windows SSD hosting plans, so, you have the choice depending on your needs.

6. CloudWays

If there is a popular WordPress cloud-based web host that’s cheap and also SSD optimized, it will be this one.

CloudWays work with the fastest cloud hosting providers, including, Google Cloud, Linode, Amazon web services, StackPath, and Digital Ocean.

All of these Brands have the most sophisticated systems and the most expensive hardware and technologies to provide enterprise-level site hosting.

SSD-based WordPress hosting is not only hardware but also software and optimizations. Nothing will work at the maximum speed without a good caching plugin, luckily, the company built a custom tool that compresses the blog files minifies CSS, JavaScript and offer a fast page loading time.


  • PHP 7 ready servers
  • 100% uptime
  • Optimized SSD disk space
  • CDN
  • IP whitelisting
  • SSH and SFTP access
  • 62 data centers in 15 countries worldwide
  • Web hosting solutions for eCommerce sites and agencies
  • Dedicated firewall
  • DNS management tool
  • Free trial without a credit card or payments
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Unlimited app installs
  • Automatic server restarts, if something wrong happens (no worries about server crashes)
  • Scheduled backups (you can even set up hourly blog backups)


  • They don’t own the web servers, they rent them and customize everything for you
  • The speed is not that good as we expected

Because the company uses other cloud providers, their pricing depends on the data center. For example, if you want the cheapest plans, then, deploy WordPress with Digital Ocean. The one GB RAM VPS costs $10/month. The Google Cloud SSD hosting is the most expensive in their services, however, it’s the fastest with the next level of SSD servers.

7. WebHostingPad

With fast SSD hosting, this service can make your blog load faster than any other web host. Indeed, the company uses enhanced SSD servers with daily malware scans and removal to make the infrastructure secure and stable at the same time.

In addition, free unlimited site transfer can help a lot, especially for bloggers with many sites and blogs to migrate.

Best features:

  • Cost-effective hosting
  • Enhanced SSD infrastructure
  • Unlimited storage
  • Global CDN
  • WordPress specific support
  • Premium WordPress services


The cheapest plan starts at $2.99 per month, it works best for beginners, but you can choose the plan if you have a big size blog.

Do you need SSD web hosting?

There are many differences between Solid State Drive servers and old HDD drives, but if there are no real server optimizations and fast Internet connectivities, paying more for SSD won’t help. That’s why I tested the above web hosts to show the best of them that really offer reliable, and fast hosting services.

If you’re going to host a static website that uses only HTML and CSS, then using regular hosting can work, but if there is PHP, and MySQL like a CMS (WordPress, etc..) then, SSD hosting plan is highly recommended. That being said, I’ll look for a provider with CDN includes or at least offered as an option, it’s what can make the site speed to the next level, SSD plus CDN makes a good combining for the best website performances on any hosting platform.

These are the best web SSD blog hosts you can use and trust. They work faster than others and offer lots of tools and options. If you have tried any of these hosts, let us know what you think about it.

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