How to Link a CDN to WordPress without a Caching Plugin

To make a WordPress website faster and better in performance, people need to use a good CDN service. At the same time, they need to optimize their servers and make an internal caching system. In that case, there is no need to install any of the popular caching plugins.

Instead of that, bloggers need to link their CDN URL to WordPress. The problem here is that many webmasters believe that using a content delivery network should be used with W3 Total cache or other plugins. When, they can only add a simple URL, and everything will work faster than anytime before.

Adding your CDN URL to WordPress

If you have a great server optimization with caching systems like, Varnish and Memcache, then, using extra plugins will work the wrong way. Instead of speeding up your site, they can make it loads slowly for the extra requests, and even, that can cause problems.

However, WordPress doesn’t offer any way to add your CDN details, but, you can install a free plugin called CDN Linker. You will find that it’s hosted by GitHub, it’s a trusted coding community with thousands of experts. You can download the plugins as any tool from the standard WordPress directory, then, upload it and activate it as usual.

Adding a CDN to WordPress without caching plugin

After activating the plugins, you will get the setup page, where, you need to add the exact URL of your CDN. You will find the plugin’s menu link under “Settings”.

WordPress CDN Linker

If you’re using MaxCDN, which the best CDN for WordPress and other applications, then, your URL will look like the above example. Just make sure that everything is correct, and create a ”pull” or ”push zone” in your account as you need.

By using this simple plugin, you will be able to use your best CDN without the need for adding any extra caching plugin, which makes things complicated. Best of all, there is no long list of options and pages to configure like the other ways. Everything is clear and simple to manage from one place.

When you want to go further and use a full-page caching plugin that works with Memcached and apache, you can install a free plugin called WP-FFPC. Of course, you need to know your exact server IP address to use the features and configure it.

The plugin comes with great options to let you set up everything from one place. Also, you can purge the full cache with a single click of the button, and that will solve lots of problems when you need to update the cache if something stopped working properly.

If you don’t have a CDN yet, then, your blog is losing lots of benefits from speed and a better user experience. In many cases, Beginners don’t want to have their own premium accounts. If you’re one of them, I recommend using Cloudflare, it’s the largest free CDN network with millions of hosted websites. It’s the recommended free solution for shared hosting servers.

On the other side, if you’re hosting professionally with good hosting or a VPS, then Cloudflare will not be a solution, so, you need to use a premium CDN as well.

You can’t create a professional blog without making it user-friendly, and the best way to achieve that goal is to optimize everything from speed to SEO, and layout. What about your own method to link WordPress to the CDN service?

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